The commitment I make to my clients is to provide an exceptional real estate experience that ensures that they receive outstanding personal service and professional representation. I greatly enjoy sharing my insightful perspective into the special life and rich and charming character of the distinctive communities within the Greater San Gabriel Valley real estate market. As a specialists in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Luxury and Condominium Properties, my trusted perspective, acute discretion and thorough and professional representation is highly valued. In helping a client to find their dream home or sell their special residence, I clearly distinguish myself by creating an exceptional and elevated real estate experience.

I have a passion for architecture and interior design together with a deep understanding of aesthetic composition. When working with sellers, I create a highlighted and impactful presentation that utilizes professionally produced photography and refined staging services together with a presence on multiple internet sites. My skill in staging each listing to make it shine with the appropriate colors, appointments and décor and stand out from the competition is impressive. In working with buyers and upon understanding their specific priorities, I diligently align and apply myself so that I may locate a residence and distinguished setting that meets their lifestyle requirements. Whether they are a first-time home buyer or looking to move up move down, I carefully and accurately address each important issue of the transaction and offer a more complete perspective and in-depth assessment of the current market trends.

My clients trust in my integrity, valued perspective and highly personal and diligent approach. I love to indulge my clients with first class service, and it is my truly joy to ultimately fulfill their request throughout the transaction and graciously serve them. I am always extremely attentive, accessible and respond promptly. As a solution orientated advocate, I deliver responsive, confident results and excel at finding creative and equitable solutions to make each transaction come together with a positive result. I readily deliver results that are beyond my clients’ expectations and am a truly dedicated professional who is very passionate about helping my clients reach their personal real estate goals.

Client Testimonials


"Rene Dolan with Compass Realty represented my wife and I as buyers for our home in the Prospect Park neighborhood in Pasadena. From the moment we walked in the door we had to have the house! It was exactly what we were looking for and it appeared to be underpriced, on purpose. Immediately we lost our cool.

Every possible circumstance where we would not be the chosen buyers seemed like an imminent reality. Would we underbid, seem too anxious, ask too many questions, not enough questions or were we simply outside of the circle which buys that type of home in that type of neighborhood. Or would we pay way too much, end up with a money pit and be the laughingstock of anyone who cared enough to notice.

Writing this seems comical now but at the time, it was a real thing. Rene was excellent at slowing things down and putting things in perspective in a way that made sense to us. She made us feel safe and that was crucial throughout the negotiating process. I know that’s what Realtors are “supposed” to do but Rene really made it feel genuine. My wife and I are probably the most skeptical people you could ever meet so when I say that Rene made the process feel safe, that’s the highest compliment we can give. We sensed Rene genuinely cared for us and we appreciated the hours she put into making sure we put our best foot forward. What began as a stressful situation for us ended up being the best decision we could have ever made for our family.

I write this now because despite all that’s going on in the world, our family is in a good place, literally. I know that living in this, our home, has made all the difference in keeping us comfortable and sane. I’ve also recently learned from the seller, who we’ve kept in touch with, that we were not the highest offer on the house. We were chosen nonetheless in part because of our personal statement which I didn’t want to include but Rene insisted on, and because of her constant communication with the selling party conveying our sincere love for the home.

This is not the first property we have purchased but it is by far the most emotional for us. Pulling it off had everything to do with Rene’s expertise and relentless effort.

Thank you, Rene, for helping us every step of the way! I highly recommend Rene Dolan to anyone who is looking for a realtor they can trust.
" - Liovi and Nathalie Betancourt


"It is our great pleasure to recommend Rene Dolan as a real estate agent for any family or individual looking to buy their dream home. We started on our journey with Rene when, after the birth of our third child, we realized we had outgrown our home. While it was clear we needed to move to a larger home to accommodate our growing family, it was an emotional endeavor to move out of my childhood home.

When we initially spoke to Rene about the idea of moving, it was just in a casual way because we never thought it would be attainable. But Rene heard us and understood what our family needed. She helped us believe that it was possible for us to find our dream home in the perfect neighborhood for our family. She was very sensitive to our needs which we were very grateful for and the reason why we were fortunate to have her as our agent.

Before we put our home on the market, Rene met with my husband and I to go over the process and begin to get our home ready. Through it all, she was the consummate professional. We received multiple offers on our property and all of them over asking. We had a great deal of trust in her ability to help us choose the best buyer for our property and in her ability to negotiate and close the sale quickly and efficiently. We felt at ease knowing that Rene was at the helm of such an important transaction.

From the beginning, Rene had always been very attentive, she returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant, she worked tirelessly to get the job done. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Most importantly, she has great working relationships with many of the area agents. This was especially crucial when we started the process of putting offers on homes. Because the current market is a very competitive one, we never imagined we would be able to purchase a home as quickly as we did. Again, Rene deserves most of the credit. She knew exactly what we were looking for, she did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or not in line with our needs. Rene worked magic for our family, we found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. It all just seemed to come together so effortlessly.

For all of these reasons, we would not hesitate to recommend Rene to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. She knows the market very well and is a strong negotiator, all while attending to the needs of her clients with sensitivity and care. If our family needs a real estate agent in the future, Rene will always be our first choice.
" - Ana and Anouar Kartite


"Rene went above the call of duty and provided us a complete “round trip” on our home sale and purchase. Rene worked with us through the pandemic to get our home listed and provided very important detailed insight as the best timing for listing our home. We followed her lead and listed it earlier than anticipated and we received an incredible response to our home. We had over 20 offers on our home and Rene was extremely organized and diligent throughout the whole series of counter offers to find the final buyer. Rene stuck with us through the closing process and it was seamless and pain free. We then had the problem of finding a home in a hot market with little or no inventory in Pasadena, plus we wanted to be in a very defined area. Rene steered us clear of one home we wanted very much. We were disappointed and afraid we would not be able to find a home and she was very calming and positive that she would find us a home in the area we desired. Less than a week later she found us our dream home. Rene didn’t relax, she was extremely diligent in the home inspection and in the counter offer process. It was very nerve racking, but Rene was a source of calm and had well thought out plan to get the deal closed. Through Rene’s efforts and perseverance we sold our home and purchased a new one in less than 60 days, that is pretty unheard of in this market. Unlike many agents in this market, Rene put the time and effort in and the results show. We can highly recommend her as your real estate agent." - Jannina & Justin Yorke


"Rene was our agent for a house search in South Pasadena in 2021. It was an incredibly fast-moving, competitive market which was also complicated by Covid restrictions. Rene is very friendly and knowledgeable about the South Pasadena area. We relied on her knowledge of both the area and the market. During her time as our agent, we saw many houses and she established an excellent understanding of our priorities and approach.

After we had a successful bid, Rene coordinated all of the inspections in record time, bringing together experts in each field in less than a week. The house closing was fast and close to effortless. We feel very lucky to have found just the right place - we love our new house!
" - Christine & Bryan


"I just want to thank Rene for being the most attentive and kind agent. There is not a week that goes by that I do not think about how amazing she is for having found the perfect home for my son, our dog and me! I knew Rene from Pasadena but had relocated to the East Coast. I had to move home to Pasadena on very short notice. I phoned Rene to let her know my details. Even though I had had bad luck looking myself, she reassured me that she would find something. “It will all work out.” She said. When I got back on a Sunday, Rene went to her morning meeting at the office on Monday to tell them my story and my needs. Tuesday, my landlord approached her agent, who happened to work in Rene’s office, wanting to list her home for lease. Rene figured it all out!!! This was the perfect match! We now live just five blocks from my son’s school! We have a lovely home with friendly neighbors. I know that when the time is right, I will be asking Rene for help with finding my next new home. She is an incredible person who will put her whole heart into finding the right home for you. It was a pleasure working together with Rene. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a palace or a studio apartment, Rene treats you with the best care. " - A. Navarro


"Buying a in the SoCal market is not at all like buying a in other places we have moved- it’s so competitive. We felt very lucky to have found Rene to guide us through the process. We will definitely work with Rene for any future real estate needs. Rene paid attention to the details of our specifics. My wife wanted a pool and I wanted a workshop. We finally got both! " - Christine & Alexander Pozhitkov


"Working with Rene to sell out and purchase our new home was seamless. Rene worked tirelessly, was creative and went above and beyond to sell our home in Altadena. Purchasing our new home in Pasadena during the same time period was fun and exciting because everything moved along smoothly. Rene was professional and kept us informed every step of the way. If there was ever a bump in the road, Rene brought her expertise and positive can-do attitude to get the job done. " - Heather


"I would highly recommend Rene Dolan to anyone who needs a kind, considerate, and professional Realtor. She helped us find the perfect and was with us every step of the way. I could not imagine using anyone else as my realtor. " - Michele


"Rene Dolan was great to work with from a Realtor's point of view. She was very commutative and on time with all her paperwork. She was tough but fair. I would love to do another transaction with her in the future. " - Ann Blanco - Referral

"As we traveled from open house to open house, the listing agents all said the same thing: You're in good hands with Rene! Throughout the buying process, we learned that was absolutely the case. Like so many first-time homeowners, what we didn't know could fill a book, but luckily Rene was ready and able to fill us in! From the offer to inspections to recommending movers, Rene went above and beyond for us at every step. To top it off, she's a joy to be around! We were blessed to find her." - Becky Bohanan and Max Foreman