Salvatore Ingravallo

Salvatore Ingravallo

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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"Sal provided a professional, courteous and detailed approach to his handling of our home purchase. Due to his persistence and knowing both what the buyer and seller wanted was a key element to his approach ensuring that the transaction would occur. It was a long process however Sal remained dedicated to both parties to ensure we could work through any pending issues and the end result is a seller getting the price they wanted and the buyer getting the home they desired. There were many times where it felt the deal would fall through however Sal continued to follow up with all parties including attorney's to ensure we would be able to get them home we wanted. Closing out the deal we can now say a friendship has been formed not only with Sal but also between the home buyer and seller. True professional who understands the market as well as his clients needs." 

"Sal was really helpful with steering us through the process of finding houses and eliminating the houses that were the best fit for our family. He has an excellent eye for spotting any issues with a house that could be a potential “money pit,” that are not readily obvious. He has great knowledge of the area and provides helpful information about SI. His knowledge of each neighborhood and competitive analysis on pricing, saved us from rushing into making an offer on an overpriced house. Sal managed to set up numerous appointments to coordinate with our schedule. He is always quick to reply and not salesy at all. When we keyed in on our top choice, he was great with advising us on how to best position our offer to be accepted by our seller. As a native Staten Islander, Sal has excellent insight into the various neighborhoods of a borough that is more like numerous small towns, rather than a part of a gigantic city. Sal is extremely honest and highly ethical, his priority is making his client happy first and ensuring they get the property they want, versus commission first and client satisfaction second. As a salesperson in a different industry, I offer that as high praise. It takes a special type of person to be in a 100% commission role, to genuinely put the client’s interest first! In addition, he does not have an ego and is fine with saying or doing the hard stuff in a negotiation. In short, if you need to Buy or Sell on Staten Island, I recommend using Sal for your transactions." 

"Salvatore Ingravallo has proven himself to be an invaluable resource for real estate on Staten Island. He has consulted our family on various Staten Island New York properties. Salvatore helped to focus and prioritize our needs while preserving many of our wants. His perspective and expertise helped our family make the right decision. I highly recommend him!" 

About Salvatore
Sal's experience in real estate began with his own investments and managing multiple properties in his personal portfolio. After navigating through his own set of challenges and gaining the perspective that real estate can be used as an investment tool to increase one’s overall net growth, he was inspired to help others achieve the same in real estate investing.

Through strategic partnerships and a background in real estate development, zoning and architectural design, he has a unique skill set to put complex deals together. Sal's background combined with the dynamic Joe Tirone Team at Compass creates a unique approach to real estate investments and projects that include high-end residential, multi-family, opportunity zone funds, industrial, manufacturing, alternative energy land use, and retail investments in the NY Metro Area.