About Peggy

Peggy has been involved in the business for over 30 years as a real estate appraiser, new home sales consultant and for the past 10 years, as a sales associate at two top real estate brokerages. Peggy has received numerous awards for performance and customer service in both new homes and in the resale arena and her team was top half of 1% at former brokerage.

Peggy’s success is attributed to following two simple concepts – by treating people how she herself wishes to be treated and if one is going to do something, give it 100%. She believes that unmatched service to the client is paramount and when coupled with advanced real estate education and experience, the best results are achieved.

Peggy Foos has built a strong network within the industry and with the many clients she has served. She is a take-charge person but loves to have fun and is the first one to organize an event or gathering with co-workers, friends or family.

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