We call ourselves real estate romantics because we love real estate and we love helping people. because We love helping people find their place in the world.

There is a lot of objective truth in real estate. Everybody wants the best deal, or the highest price, short escrow, or all cash. But we believe there is more: there is a lot of magic, love, and passion in every transaction. We focus on trying to find that magic, love, and passion. The best way to serve our clients is to keep our eyes on the heart of home.

Team Regan is a partnership built out of romance. It brings together 30 years of local market experience and 30 years of marketing in the service of national clients. While Pamela has served the Santa Barbara market since 1984, Earl has developed marketing and brand strategy for major national brands including Apple, Kelloggs, Microsoft, and The New York Times.

Market knowledge, marketing strategy, magic, passion, and love. Team Regan, real estate romantics.

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