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Investor Success, Luxury homes, Commercial

Languages: French, Tamil, Telugu


University of Washington


Teacher & Organizer- Seattle Tamil Academy

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"I had the opportunity of being Ariv's lead in design and development for customer facing content on an ecommerce platform. Ariv is a very bright individual who has the extraordinary ability of being able to quickly dissect vague and complicated business requirements and delight the client with his recommendations. Ariv consistently delivered design and functional User Stories to Development without my supervision. His in-depth knowledge, ability to work across teams with a common sense approach meant a positive outcome. I want to work with Ariv again in the future, you will be lucky to have him on your team. " - Paul

"Ariv is a very knowledgeable and highly talented Product Manager. Ariv was a key resource in my engineering-management efforts around various projects and he consistently delivered. He is detail oriented, enthusiastic, and will go the extra distance to tackle difficult technical challenges. He's technically very competent and is capable of solving tough problems with complex designs. Ariv will definitely be a big win wherever he goes. " - Harold

"Ariv has a great attitude and focus for results. He is very organized, which greatly helped in releasing SQL Server 2012 SP2 as well as SQL Server 2008 SP4 and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3. His attention to detail and use of reports and reminders has been extremely helpful. I hope to work with Ariv again, as his work ethic and honesty is greatly appreciated. " -Matt

"Ariv was a solid rock under great pressure but he always managed to shine. He came into ERP Logic with a very ambitious state of mind and quickly learned, certified and adapted to our business process. I mentored Ariv and closely monitored his contributions to our organization. He is very customer centric, and all the clients he handled loved him for his aptitude in implementing SAP Cloud Products, with on-time, and on-budget project delivery. He managed projects very well all the way from the requirement gathering to post-production to support. He does an excellent job making complex concepts seem simple and user-friendly. He has handled difficult customer situations with ease and has put in long hours to make sure his projects are always delivered on-time and with quality. His innovative thinking capability is above par, and he was able to produce exceptional results with very little direction. In addition to his commendable individual work, he constantly demonstrates traits of leadership and unification in team settings. His strong technical background coupled with his solid work ethic and attention to detail made him a valuable member of ERP Logic. I believe he would be a strong asset to any organization he joins. I wish him nothing but success in all of his future endeavors. " - Alan

"I had the opportunity to lead Ariv on a large project. During this project Ariv has demonstrated good project management skills and showed very good interpersonal awareness/competencies. Ariv is a pleasure to work with. His personality and the way he goes along with people makes him an efficient and appreciated project manager. In addition, Ariv seeks ways to improve and takes feedback into consideration. This is a great attitude to ensure performance. Overall Ariv is a great asset to the team. " - Jean-Yves

About Arivozhi

Ariv (also known as Vozhi) is a passionate Tamil-American entrepreneur, rap artist, technologist, real estate investor, professional and recipient of "425 Business Magazine, 30 under 30 awards". His purpose is to build vibrant and encouraging communities, particularly around his ancestral identity, Tamil.

As a deep lover of technology, Ariv started his professional career by getting his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 2011. The next several years, Ariv worked technical, later managerial positions with companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Accenture, and T-Mobile.

Always wanting to build a personal brand and business, Ariv found his avenue by lane his Real Estate investing and consulting company, 'Vozhi'. Ariv has quickly been able to establish himself in the Seattle Real Estate Investor community as trusted partners, consultants, marketers, and facilitators for various real estate projects.

In addition, Ariv has released official music on all major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

"Vozhi is a company that integrates Real Estate Investing with culture, music, and technology to inspire positive change in the community."

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