About Heidi

Being a Real Estate agent brings so much self fulfillment and excitement when it comes to helping clients solve their real estate needs. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a crucial investment. Also, I’m bilingual living in a diverse state. Each year more and more hispanic people come to live in Seattle and I will be of great help to them! I know for them, its extremely important to have a Spanish speaking agent when looking for a home. Most of them feel more comfortable and the language barrier wont be an issue when helping them find the right fit! I will go above and beyond to satisfy each and everyone of my clients, I know that each home is a huge investment for every individual so identifying their goals and needs in life is important. Their business and satisfaction is my number one priority. Adapting to the market and trend will be extremely important as well so I make sure to pay close attention to this crucial aspect in real estate. I’m a great negotiator and I will close each transaction with satisfied clients knowing they are getting the best possible deal. I’m looking forward to growing side by side with this amazing company, Compass.