About Jonathan

I was born and raised in Sendai, Japan. I moved out to the states permanently when I was 13. I attended the University of Washington and graduated with a BA in Philosophy (minor in history of science). I have been working at the University of Washington in different administrative capacities since 2012. I love being a part of a community and have stayed connected to various networks including the Art and Music scene in Seattle, University of Washington, neighborhoods in Sendai, Japan, and beyond. I am fascinated by people and strive to build meaningful relationships with others. I formerly volunteered at the Boys and Girls club and currently throw a monthly community potluck. I have two siblings, a younger sister and brother. I am fluent in Japanese and enjoy watching Japanese variety shows. My three big passions in life are art, health, and philosophy. I love all forms of art. I believe that there is no such thing as a non-creative person. It's just a matter of finding the right medium or platform to express ourselves. I believe that health is integral to happiness. Taking care of the mind, body, and spirit (psyche) is very important to me. Philosophy has been instrumental to my growth. It has taught me what it means to be truly free. It has helped me become comfortable in the realm of doubt and acknowledge my importance and unimportance.

Other things about me: I love basketball, cooking for others, potlucks, free form dancing, hot springs, camping, and music. I am unabashedly a hip hop artist (since 18). I am working on releasing a web series called AHP on YouTube. My long-term goal is to be a social entrepreneur to create and invest in businesses that benefit the public.