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Growing up in the Seattle area in a construction family, I learned the ins and outs of the industry while I was still very young. Our family was involved in developing commercial and residential real estate in the Seattle area, and in a nearly automatic way, I took in everything that I could, watching my family hard at work and valuing the projects in which they took great pride. As a child, I dreamed of making a big impact on the world around me, and at the same time, relationships fascinated me. It is both those mindsets that I have carried into my career today, taking on projects large and small and building strong relationships with my clients.

From the Columbia Tower in Seattle to small town homes in the surrounding area, I have taken part in a wide range of new construction and land development projects. I understand that there is always an emotional layer to every job, and I show that layer the proper respect. For example, after my grandmother passed away recently, we had to let go of the home in which she had raised her family, my father included. It was an old, charming, restored home, and we were sad to see it go. There is, however, something inspiring to me about the knowledge that someone else, some other family perhaps, will get to enjoy that house as we did.

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