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About Barbara

Barbara was born and reared in Southern California and came to the University of California, Berkeley, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English. She later received a California teaching credential from Cal. She has lived with her husband, Mel, in Oakland (Montclair) for over 30 years. Both she and her husband have been active in community work, including the Oakland Museum of California, Girls Inc., the Alameda County Food Bank, and West Coast Children's Clinic of Oakland.

Her work background includes over 20 years in banking and human resources. This experience has added immeasurably to her ability to understand real estate: the people involved and the intricacies of the transaction. In the field of real estate, she has differentiated herself by listening closely to all the players -- clients, agents, mortgage lenders/brokers, title and escrow organizations, inspectors and contractors -- and puts in perspective the needs and requirements of all in order to complete the transaction successfully. She is first and foremost fiercely loyal to her client base, having regular contact during the transaction and ongoing communications beyond the sale.

Barbara, above and beyond a strong business background, has a unique aptitude for knowing when and how to direct her clients -- sometimes forcefully --  when it is in their best fiduciary interest. That includes advising against negotiations that could put clients at risk or simply don't make sense. In essence, her own interest is secondary to her clients.

The field is full of capable real estate agents, many specializing in specific demographics, areas, and types of housing. Barbara's greatest value is keeping her eye on the good sense of the deal, not getting distracted by marketing pitches or sales trickery, and being supportive of her buyers and sellers. She encourages collaboration between client and agent, and despite the seriousness of the transaction, believes there is plenty of room for fun along the way!

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