About Benjamin

"Your home must make your heart sing and your soul flourish."

"Your home must help your wealth grow."

Make the most valuable move of your life with a qualified professional you trust: * 24 years of experience and expertise as a Realtor selling homes of distinction.

* Background education and practice as an Architect with a Masters of Arts in Architecture.

* Top 1% producer since 1991 to date specializing in Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga.

The Standard:

In any profession, the standard of care rendered is ultimately judged by the client. The level of satisfaction produced varies from dissatisfied to very satisfied and many gradations in between.

Producing the ultimate level of satisfaction is very costly, time-consuming and also requires years of education, experience, and expertise and building trust and integrity within the community.

My philosophy of caring for a few transactions at one time and rendering the ultimate service and attention to every detail has produced a level of satisfaction that captures my customer for life. By this method, I have accomplished number one and top 1% producer status since 1991 and also enjoy the gratitude, friendship and following of my customers which is the source of my satisfaction and true wealth for life. Compass Real Estate is proud to announce its association with Benjamin Guilardi. An integral part of Compass's dedication to excellence is the collaboration of high caliber, capable professionals. Benjamin certainly fits that profile.

Our Bay Area is distinguished from the rest of the nation as a major innovator, driving change and transforming the world. "I believe that behind this movement are our clients who demand the same standards and professionalism from a realtor as is expected from them in their profession, i. e.competence, trust, and integrity."

"Competence", through education and practice, to provide the best standard of care - Benjamin brings a background education of a Masters of Art in Architecture to his 24-year career in Real Estate.

"Trust and integrity" as an assessment granted by the customers and the community they serve - Benjamin enjoys an identity and reputation that enables him to serve his clients for life.

Benjamin joins a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are all part of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced marketing firm, specializing in distinctive properties and estates. Compass Real Estate is dedicated to excellence and our association with Benjamin is a bright example.

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