About Blake

"I grew up as a third generation San Francisco Bay Area native and come from a long lineage of city founders, Realtors, appraisers, and mortgage brokers; real estate is in my blood. I was born in San Ramon, raised in Danville, and then eventually moved to Alamo where I now call home. After leaving the San Francisco Bay Area to attend college at one of the most beautiful universities in California, the University of California at Santa Barbara, I realized that my heart was back home in Alamo.

While at UCSB, I immersed myself in philosophy, hoping to better understand the intricacies of truth, knowledge, and rational thought. My studies have taught me so much about the human mind, and allowed me to develop invaluable approaches to address various problems. Not only has my philosophical background taught me about the complexities of human interaction, but also provided me with the ability to work hard, a drive to reach fast-approaching deadlines, and the importance of setting goals.

With my well-defined roots in real estate, I have every tool to make your experience of buying or selling your home as enjoyable and stress-free as you deserve."

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