About Claire

Born and raised in San Francisco, Claire Myers has an insider's knowledge of our City's many special neighborhoods, schools, businesses and green areas.  Claire graduated from Katherine Delmar Burke School, University High School, and UC Berkeley, where she played on the women's soccer team. Claire earned a Master’s degree at University of Pennsylvania in Folklore. Her degree involved field research in Italy, Israel, India, and the Amish country of Pennsylvania. After school, Claire moved to Manhattan and worked for the Sony Classical record label managing opera recordings. Claire lived and worked in Italy and France before returning to San Francisco, where she worked for the San Francisco Opera as Editor of Artistic Publications. In 2000, she bought her first home on Russian Hill and thereafter entered the real estate market professionally. 

With her innate understanding of the local landscape plus an international perspective, Claire can help you find the San Francisco home that is a perfect fit for your unique needs. If you are selling, Claire can skillfully market to the person, couple or family that will fall in love with your home and effect a smooth, productive transaction for all. 

What Claire most enjoys are setting goals and reaching them, while staying attuned to what requires adjusting along the way. Networking, project management, and creative thinking are her strong suits. The bottom line is always your individual sale or purchase: your specific needs will guide the process with Claire, and your satisfaction will be the mark of her success.

Claire Myers’ Recent Transactions