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A fourth-generation San Franciscan, Denise has an in-depth and historical knowledge of the Bay Area housing market. Prior to selling and managing real estate, Denise worked as a paralegal for 23 years in San Francisco's legal community, supporting San Francisco's top litigation lawyers. And then 10 years owning a concierge company, managing 11 buildings and 18 employees. Her hands-on, no-nonsense style of work ethic delivers results every time. You can watch her in action and you immediately feel taken care of. She doesn't stop at the sale. Her work ethic is refined over a span of 40 years of working in the legal industry, owning a concierge company for 10 years which led Denise to her real estate portfolio management services. Denise's love of the real estate profession, she seeks to continue to build on her knowledge and expanding her experience not just on the North side of San Francisco (including SOMA where she is an expert) but all across San Francisco in neighborhoods where she grew up. Her professional deportment and desire to deliver is her best asset.

Representing a long list of satisfied buyers and sellers, Denise has a keen sense of knowing her clientele and the marketplace and possesses strong negotiation skills. Known for her expert evaluation abilities, strong communication skills and tenacious sales techniques, Denise has a reputation for being thorough, hard-driving, and effective.

Denise's work has been recognized in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Real Estate Times, and the San Francisco Business Times. She is widely known throughout San Francisco's real estate and business communities and had contributed to many charitable organizations including the SPCA and Muttville.

My clients say it best...

Denise represented us in the sale of our condominium during the fall of 2008. it was only because of her hard work, persistence, and her creativity that a sale was consummated at a satisfactory price. The very difficult markets conditions did not act as a deterrent to her. I certainly would use her again and would definitely recommend her to one and all.

--Howard Miller, 333 Bush St.

This letter is in appreciation for the wonderful assistance of Denise Paulson in our purchase of our first home. Let me say up front, that my wife and I have said many times how pleased and grateful we were to have come across Denise. She knows that I have told her numerous times how we appreciate her efforts in our experience. So, please believe me when I say that the description and praise that follows is truthful and heartfelt.

When my wife and I were first deciding between real estate brokers, we were interested in a broker that satisfied certain qualities that were important for us to have a successful experience. We consider ourselves lucky to have stopped by the loft on 3rd Street and met Denise that one day. As we found out, she holds every characteristic that we valued going into the whole process.

Personally, we believe one of her best assets (and one we truly feel separates her from every other broker in SF) is her utter tenacity in representing her clients. Should you choose Denise (hopefully you will), there is absolutely no doubt that many times during the process, you will be glad that she is representing your interests. I can attest there were many times when her knowledge, experience and tenacity saved us from making a potentially bad decision. Often, she would point out warning signs or opportunities that we would never have noticed without her help. We truly feel it is all these characteristics and qualities that got us in the home we are now.

Lastly, another reason for our appreciation is the time and effort you have shown in helping us choose amenities to furnish our new home. From taking us to the wholesale furniture mart for our couch and bed, to her recommendation for our blinds, her network of connections throughout San Francisco are incredible and have proved to have saved us a fortune.

Should you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to discuss anything further. Thank you.

--Tom Singer / Carol Cheung

It is with great delight that I highly recommend Ms. Denise Paulson and her skills as a communicator and determined realtor. I found from my first interaction with Denise that she was articulate, enthusiastic and able to clearly communicate and address the concerns, questions, and any confusion my husband or I were experiencing in a recent real estate transaction we had with her involvement.

Perhaps the things I appreciate the most about Denise is that she returns her phone calls immediately and is able to produce what she says she will produce.

She has managed to help both my husband and I negotiate the complicated and roller-coaster-like process of buying and selling homes with calm, reassurances and the ability to follow through on every detail.

Her genuine enthusiasm and concern for our welfare and the things that mattered to us is treasured by both my husband and myself. We count it a real gift that we encountered the presence of Denise here in the middle of the most romantic city on the planet, San Francisco. She has made it possible for us to own the home of our dreams and we feel deep appreciation for every moment of her investment in this step in our life.

I highly recommend Denise to any firm, any individual, and any company that would have the privilege of having her on board!

--Robin A.

Denise has come through for me in a big way. Denise can be counted on to deliver on her promises, keep you informed every step of the way, and fight to ensure that you get every dime that you are entitled to.

Additionally, she has availed herself to assist me in areas that are not normally with in the realm of her responsibilities (i. e. finding an apartment in New York, assisting in the selling of my furniture, and arranging for the packing and moving if the items I will be taking with me).

I would highly recommend her to anyone. She made my lucrative deal happen within days after our first meeting. I'm a happy guy.

-- Stanley G. Phillips, 1st Vice President, World Savings

Dear Denise, Susan & I wanted to thank you so much for your help in finding tenants for our rental home. You obviously listened carefully to the priorities I outlined, as you found a wonderful young family that has demonstrated their desire to care for the house as though it were theirs. And to have found this family so quickly (the first prospective tenants interviewed) was just amazing to us!

We also appreciate the patience and respect you gave us when we needed to postpone making the house available due to some last minute repair issues. We had no idea that contractors would take so long, but you were right there with us, and went right to work when it was ready.

We could not have wished for better results, and obviously will call on you again when we have need. We will not hesitate to recommend you to any friends who need help with their investment properties, or for real estate sales questions. Thanks again for your professional help and your warm personal touch.

-- Steve & Susan Comber

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Denise Paulson as the realtor who recently represented me in the purchase of my home. Denise's ability to convince the seller to accept my offer within an hour's time (she knew there would be other offers), was uncanny. There were two other offers that came in that evening and the next morning. Her quick moving responses to the mortgage broker she recommended allowed us a short close of escrow.

--Alicia Dunams, Author

I am very pleased with the professional and thorough job that Denise Paulson and her partner, Jessica Gueits, did with the rental of my home. It was so efficiently rented out, with their appointments to show the house and to find the right tenants for me. I am very relieved to have the task done so well and not have to worry or stress about any matter. I highly recommend their services for finding the right roof over one's head for the renter and for placement on any place in San Francisco.

--Lin Willis

Denise and Jessica rented my Potrero Hill condo for me and achieved top dollar. I am so happy with the tenants that they found and couldn't be happier with the service I received. I would recommend them highly.

--Joan King Denise Paulson has been the leasing agent and manager for my condo unit in 333 Bush for over 10 years. She is knowledgeable about the market & is efficient & helpful in executing leasing matters & meeting tenants requests while protecting Landlord's interest. --Rosanna Gaw

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