About Donna

Donna is a "Top Ten" Producer with the prestigious firm of Compass. She is a licensed Real Estate Broker and has an outstanding reputation in the San Francisco community. Donna's exceptional knowledge of the City, unique insight and intelligence, and engaging personality, make her a crucial partner in San Francisco's challenging real estate market.


Donna grew up in New York City but aspired to live in San Francisco since she was 12 years old. After completing her degree at Barnard College (Columbia University), she made her dream come true and relocated to the Bay Area. Her professional background (which includes a Masters Degree in Psychology and a career as a Computer Software Analyst) affords her both the emotional and analytical skills to help you make the best possible decisions into today’s challenging real estate market.

Donna has been working with Hill & Co. since 1999. From the beginning, Donna showed exceptional promise as a Realtor, coming within four thousand dollars of being a “Top Producer” in her very first year. Since that time, she has continued to excel and has developed a sizable and loyal client base. Donna lives in Cole Valley with her family in an 1897 Victorian home, which she completely renovated over a period of almost two years.

What Donna Can Do For You

Donna will put you at ease immediately with her warm personality and professional competence. She is honest, knowledgeable, patient, energetic, and intelligent. Donna is a highly skilled negotiator, who strikes the best deal for her clients while maintaining harmony among all parties. Please visit her website www.DonnaCooper.com for additional information and client testimonials.


“A little while ago I bought my first house - there was almost a bidding war which would have taken it out of my price range, but Donna avoided all that and got a firm agreement from the other agent that it would be to me. Since everything was new to me she spent as much time as I needed explaining everything that came up and making sure that all the paper work was in order. I think the main reason that all her reviews are 5 star, is that she treats you like her one and only client. Your concerns are her concerns, and she works incredibly hard and has a lot of experience to make things go smoothly and the way that you want. Emails and phone calls are answered very quickly and thoroughly - you will never be left wondering what is happening. The selling agent / seller stalled on getting some things fixed, so to keep everything on track, Donna took money out of her own commission to go into the closing costs. She said that me being happy with the buying process, and her reputation was worth more than the money. Donna's email signature says "I always strive to give the very highest level of customer service". Believe it - you will be very happy if Donna is your agent.”

“Donna is a fantastic realtor, and guided these first-time homebuyers painlessly through the process. We'd use her again in a heartbeat. My fiancee and I decided to take the plunge into homeownership, but we couldn't afford much--$500K gets you the snub from most realtors in this town. Donna treated us like we were her only clients. She invited us to her (gorgeous) house and walked us through the entire process. We were interested in getting a TIC, which I've learned is a painful process for realtors. Donna didn't flinch. She told us she'd handle a TIC for us, but also informed us of the risks involved with TICs. Thanks to Donna's insight, we ultimately decided to go with a condo instead. Over the next week, Donna hooked us up with some online listings and took us to see several condos that fit our budget. She asked all the right questions, including plenty of things I wouldn't have thought to ask. When we finally found our loft in SoMa, Donna handled all the paperwork for both us and the seller (the seller was unrepresented). The seller wanted to close quickly, which would have caused us to lose our first time homebuyer's credit. Donna made us stiffen our spine and we ultimately got the seller to concede. That's $10K in the bank right there. Donna made sure we signed our papers, returned all our phone calls and emails the same day, and treated us like we were buying a million dollar home. She gave us recommendations for a lender and a painter, both of whom were way better than the people I found on my own. A month after we finally moved in, Donna took us out for a nice dinner and bought us a bunch of really thoughtful gifts. She didn't need to do any of that, but it was an extra flourish that showed us she really cared. In short, if you're buying your first home, you can't go wrong with Donna. Lots of realtors are condescending to young couples, but Donna treated us with care and respect. We love our new home and we have her to thank!”

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