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We are proud to announce our association with Gaby Sheahan. An integral part of Compass is the collaboration of high-caliber, capable professionals, and Gaby certainly fits that profile.

Compass is dedicated to excellence - and our association with Gaby Sheahan is a bright example.

Greetings and blessings to everyone reading my story. I was born and raised in the former West Germany. I had a great childhood and when I met my husband a native Californian I immigrated to our beautiful country and specifically the bay area of California. Lucky to live here I was fascinated by all of the opportunities presented to me. My first stages in my business career were build by experiencing what silicon valley was all about, spending and enjoying decades in high tech. My real passion was the housing market and finding myself always curious about it. Loved all of the beautiful homes to choose from, not just for the very wealthy but pretty much for everyone with a decent job and good credit. It was and still is amazing. The American Dream! I couldn’t help my curiosity but to dabble further into Real Estate, took my Real Estate License with the thought of staying in high tech and selling homes part time. I realized quickly that I had to make decision soon if I wanted to be a fully committed and diligent realtor to my clients providing the best service, that each one of them deserved in this high dollar and emotional purchase. My goal has always been to provide and deliver the very best service to my clients tailored to their individual wants and needs. Why? Because if I didn’t I could not respect myself as a real estate professional and that would be the worst feeling to me. Let me work with you for your home purchase and home sale. I promise to be your most trusted and reliable realtor and friend.

Gaby Sheahan


“Mrs Sheahan assisted us in the purchase of our house and has remained in touch with us since. My wife and I can vouch for her honesty, integrity and commitment. She gives 100% to her task, is considerate and always cheerful.”

“Gaby and I worked together on a recent transaction that required considerable time and coaching of the clients to ensure a timely closing. Gaby worked with the clients on every detail and was involved throughout the process. The clients were thrilled with Gaby, and it was a pleasure working together on this with Gaby, Her commitment and professionalism make a real difference, and I certainly look forward to working with Gaby again, and again.”

“My family and I would like to thank Gaby so much for helping us buying our "GREEN HOUSE” with Gaby’s professionalism she guided us in the entire process of buying the house. Our situation was not that easy but Gaby expertise it made possible.”

“Gaby is very professional and I would highly recommend her for Real Estate services. She has a broad network with many resources, especially within Basking Ridge, Silver Creek, and Los Gatos areas.”

Gaby Sheahan’s Recent Transactions