About Jessica

As a Luxury Collection Specialist and trusted member of Team Schuler for Compass, Jessica’s number one priority is to provide the assistance needed for the buyer and seller to come together.

Representing property owners and future property owners specializing in the East Bay Area and beyond; Jessica’s creative and caring nature is perfect for providing the assistance needed for buyers and sellers to come together. She earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice.

Born in Alameda, reared in Dallas Texas, Jessica has an effective combination of Southern charm and Bay Area resourcefulness. The unparalleled Real Estate Market in the Bay Area is very real and can be difficult to navigate without the right sense of direction. Jessica understands this and experienced this firsthand throughout early adulthood, was pushed to challenge herself and not settle for anything less than her dreams. “I like to win (for my clients) but do so with a calm demeanor and a smile.” Said Jessica. “I understand the numerous intangible benefits of life in the Bay Area with its unmatched weather, culture, and diversity.” Jessica returned to the Bay Area after school to work as Marketing Manager at two of the top Real Estate companies in the city of Alameda for over 15 years.

Having this unique background in Real Estate Marketing, Jessica’s contacts and lifelong area residency leverage her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, enhancing her client dedication and ensuring satisfied repeat clients and referrals. Contact Jessica Cashman to achieve your real estate goals today!