About Judy

Judy Marrocco brings twenty years of experience as a consultant in SanFrancisco creating successful projects. She has worked with a wide network of architects, contractors and homeowners to implement design concepts in the completion of residential properties. In development projects Judy applies a commanding knowledge, crafting environments from inception to marketing.

Judy possesses the fullness of experience and understanding that build client’s confidence.

A graduate of UC Davis and an MBA in construction management from Golden Gate University, Judy’s career arc has led from the aerospace industry to real estate development and sales. Her experience as a contractor and small business owner in the City lend a unique perspective. Her experience covers the breadth of construction and sales experience necessary to be an effective representative.

With high standards of integrity, energy and voracity Judy’s enthusiasm can be seen in her dedication to her clients. She knows how to deliver service. Combining tradition and innovation, with passion that is unmistakable, she is the perfect blend of focused energy.

A member of the USF Masters swim team, Judy also enjoys world adventure traveling with her husband and son.

Founding member of the San Francisco Evening Rotary Club. Rotary community service within San Francisco with organizations such as Next Village and Glide.

In January 2014 Judy participated in a service mission to Buena Esperenza, Guatemala to help build a Bottle School with the organization Hug It Forward.

Sponsorship Chair with Glen Park Festival, helping to plan the annual Glen Park Festival which takes place in the Glen Park Village each spring. It is a wonderful event for our community and all proceeds go to grants for the local schools in the neighborhood.

From my clients...

SF house hunting is not for the weak of heart so it was great to have someone with Judy’s temperament and humor in our corner as we navigated open houses, offers, and yes, several rejections. She’s also a long-time San Francisco local and knows every nuance of this city. She steered us away from several questionable selections, and encouraged us to be patient in our search. After a couple of months we found the right home for us and Judy was blazing-fast in negotiating with the sellers and getting the right pieces in motion. Dennis B.

Judy Marrocco’s Recent Transactions