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Ralph and Rachel's philosophy is simple, "Whatever is best for the client and then some". Their commitment to customer service has been a key ingredient to their success, which is supported by the number of referrals they receive from past clients, family and friends. They are excellent communicators and strong negotiators, two skills necessary to meet and exceed their client's expectations.

Rachel T. Rodriguez was previously in the hi-tech industry for over 12 years as a Program Manager for the Emerging Business Units. Responsibilities included managing and qualifying customer builds and launching into mass production. Rachel brings an abundance of detailed-oriented experience in customer service, transaction management, leading teams, sales, and dynamic marketing. Her energetic personality and desire to perform at the highest level for her clients allows her to excel as a top real estate advisor. Rachel constantly seeks exciting and new challenges so that she can learn, grow, and develop new skills that leave a positive mark!

Together, Ralph and Rachel possess the abilities, experience, tools, character, integrity, desire, and real estate support staff to continue to raise the bar of excellent service and customer care for all of their clients.


“It is a known fact that moving is one of the top 5 reasons for stress. Just ask me I have done it 24 times in 65 years. Never, have I ever had transactions go as stress free as the selling and purchasing of my last homes. Rachel and Ralph Rodriguez have a way of putting you, the customer, their main concern, at ease. NOTHING you ask is too small of a task for them. Not one question that you ask goes unanswered. They have the resources to take care of all of your needs. But best of all their professionalism extends beyond the norm. Your expectations are met with a commitment to you, their customer, that goes far beyond the norm. They will always put you first. Rachel and Ralph are dedicated to only one thing in their business life and that is you the customer. Their goal is to relieve any stress you may have about purchasing or selling of your home to the actual move. Then to top it off some where along the line they have become your friend for life. Not at all like the typical Real Estate Agent who only knows you as long as the transaction is in progress. Ralph and Rachel are your new friends who will be there for you no matter what it is you may need. Everything from Real Estate needs, to acclimating you to the surroundings. Showing you the best way to get places, i.e. grocery store, drug store, school, etc. Just like a good friend should. No matter where you are, be it here in the Bay Area or in another state, all you have to do is to call them and they will do the best they can for you to relieve what ever stress from your life that they can. They are my friends, mentors and stress relievers and last of all my Real Estate Agents that will be there for the rest of my life. Thank you both for everything you have done.”

"You hear a lot about Customer Service today, but many times it is just a slogan. With Ralph and Rachel, it's not a slogan but a standard. They got to know us as friends, not just clients, and with that knowledge, they paired us with our perfect home. We recommend them to anyone we speak to who is looking to buy and/or sell a home with extreme confidence, because we know they always take care of the customer." - Kim Cherniss”

“Ralph and Rachel are a great team - precisely what you are looking for when choosing a realtor. Their experience, depth of knowledge and savviness in realestate matters is inestimable. They are dedicated to finding a property that is just what you are looking for and to making the transaction as smooth as possible. They are, at the same time, personable without the hard-sell push and professional – a winning combination." - Patti Mena”

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