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About Ricky

Compass is proud to announce our association with Ricky Flores. An integral part of Compass is the collaboration of high-caliber, capable professionals, and Ricky certainly fits that profile.

Compass is dedicated to excellence - and our association with Ricky Flores is a bright example.

I am a bay area native, born and raised. After 10 years working as a successful Ad Tech professional, I decided to make a career change. One of the most important lessons I learned working in Ad Tech is that accountability and trust are two of the pillars required to build and maintain relationships. As I started my career, it was imperative that I establish myself as a trustworthy member of the team. I eventually worked myself up to a Director level, managing teams both nationally and internationally. I did not consider myself successful unless my team was successful and I worked tirelessly to ensure they received the support they needed in order to achieve their goals.

As an Ad Tech professional, I learned that teamwork makes the dream work. There are so many moving parts to run a successful campaign that often times I interfaced and coordinated with Engineers, Product Managers, Sales, Account Management, as well as my own team for a single campaign. My successes were directly tied to my client’s and I worked tirelessly to meet and exceed their expectations. I will do the same for you!


"I had the pleasure of watching him grow from a strong individual contributor into an indomitable people manager. His knowledge...was a key factor to his success with our company and he took every opportunity he could to continue his growth and learning both from the technical perspective as well as from the business management perspective. Ricky was a natural at relationship management, always having an easier time than most when working with challenging situations and personalities. He had a special knack for being the peacemaker when tensions were high. One of the aspects of Ricky that I appreciated most...was that he was always open to listening to and accepting feedback, both positive and constructive, and always managed to find a way to bounce back from difficult situations and come out stronger for it. He was fearless when it came to taking on tough assignments and understood the importance of taking smart risks. I enjoyed having Ricky as part of my team and took great pride in watching his rise to leadership."

"As a supervisor, he does a great job of providing our team with a lot of autonomy and trusting that we will do well. He ensures his team always has a great mix of hard work and fun, which is extremely appreciated! He provides challenges to the team to encourage growth and learning opportunities...Ricky always took the lead with many projects coming from the executive teams and handled everything so professionally. What makes him stand out the most as a supervisor is how trusted he makes his team feel. We know that he is always confident in our abilities and that makes going to work even more enjoyable. I really enjoyed working with Ricky and would be so fortunate to be able to work with him again in the future."

"I am honored to be able to write a few words to recommend Ricardo. Ricardo's professionalism, his skills in the field...and above all his sunny disposition make him an exceptional employee that any employer would consider themselves lucky to have. His positive attitude is contagious which was a tremendous asset to the entire...team. This skill to motivate others makes Ricardo not only an exemplary team player but a true leader. I know Ricardo is going great places!"

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