Real estate and the East Bay of California have always been a natural and fundamental part of Ron and Joe Gatti's lives. Their story begins in the San Francisco East Bay in 1939 when Ron's father immigrated lo America from Italy via Ellis Island, settling in Walnut Creek just before WWII. To this day, Ron possesses a genuine love and appreciation for his hometown of Danville and the San Ramon Valley, calling it, "one of the best places lo live in the world." This sentiment is why Ron's parents, and people like them, have settled in the San Ramon Valley and chose to align their family's future with the opportunities that purchasing a home in this part of Northern California has to offer.

Born in Martinez, CA and raised on the Westside of Danville, since 1950, in a home backing to what is now the Iron Horse Trail, Ron attended Danville's Montair Elementary school, the old Charlotte Wood Middle School, and San Ramon Valley High School. He fondly remembers growing up in a small town where he made extra money picking walnuts from the local orchards and hiking from his home on the Westside up to Bear Tree, a local name for a large bay tree that is shaped like a bear and is situated along the Los Trampas Ridge. Much a part of his childhood, Bear Tree can be seen from Danville's Compass office where Ron and Joe work.

As Ron saw the small town he grew up in become more populated and change, he developed a deep understanding about the relevance and importance of owning property. He became aware that owning real estate is not only the biggest investment most people will make in their life, but the fundamental way to become part of a community and to achieve the goals of financial independence and security. Ron's passion in life is the ability to help people navigate through the difficulties of purchasing and selling homes in order lo achieve these goals for themselves and their families.

A full time real estate agent since 1977 and a real estate broker since 1981, Ron's success as one of the top agents in the industry results from his understanding that buying and selling a home is an emotional ordeal. He insists on being highly available to all of his clients, because of his deep understanding of how stressful the real estate process can be. He knows that accessibility and timing are paramount to the success of a transaction and that each family or individual he helps through the buying or selling process is unique and deserves specific attention. This attitude of total service has garnered Ron a long list of referrals and past clients who wish to work with him again, which is a testament to the high caliber, people-friendly agent that he has made of himself over the years. .

Having been raised in the same area that he specializes in, Ron has watched his hometown grow and thrive, which makes him especially fond of wanting to represent the neighborhoods and schools surrounding Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, Blackhawk, Walnut Creek, and Pleasanton. His interest and expertise in real estate has also been used to preserve the small town feeling that he remembers of Danville and the San Ramon Valley. When the Bear Tree property along the Las Trampas ridgeline became available, Ron and a friend purchased the 43 acre parcel of land. In 1994, it was sold to the East Bay Regional Park District with the intent of creating an interconnecting corridor between parkland that would ensure the ridgeline above Danville would remain natural and untouched.

Today, Ron's vast real estate experience and local knowledge is complimented by his business partner and son, Joe, who brings an analytical and modern style to the functionality of their business. Joe was born in Walnut Creek and grew up in homes on both sides of Sycamore Valley Rood in Danville. Like his father, he is a product of the renowned public schools in the area, having attended Vista Grande Elementary, Charlotte Wood Middle School, and San Ramon Valley High School. He went on to attend the University of California, Davis earning Bachelor degrees in English and Political Science. Joe's natural path after growing up in the area was to pursue his academic interests which would take him to the other side of the world. He is fluent in Italian with a certification from the European Union, having spent almost 5 years abroad in Europe pursuing postgraduate work in both Italy and Scotland. He ultimately decided to join his father in real estate and return to his hometown in order to take care of his mother, Janetta, Ron's wife of 32 years, during the final period of her life after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

The Gatti's combine Ron's admiration and deep historical perspective of the San Ramon Valley with Joe's worldly and modern methods making them a dynamic real estate duo. When talking to them, Ron's sentiment for the area is never far off as Joe smiles surely knowing what his father will say next. "In owning property," Ron states, "we want to enhance and preserve property values which is an important reason why people choose to move to this area ... we are fortunate to live here."

Professional Profile Published about Ron and Joe Gatti in Homefolio Magazine Volume 6 Issue 2

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