About Rose

Rose was born in the Ukraine, raised in Israel and relocated to San Francisco. Her educational background, which combines psychology and business, fosters her strong negotiation skills. With her keen understanding of marketing, Rose is a natural promoter of her clients’ properties and her own business opportunities. As a savvy and meticulous Realtor she faithfully serves her portfolio clients.

Rose understands the importance of work-life balance and is in tune with the needs of local families. Shortly after relocating to San Francisco, she started her own family, while simultaneously developing her real estate business.

Rose gives her clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, it’s trends, comparable sales, and property values; providing her clients with a realistic outlook on what they can expect to achieve in today’s market.

When not helping her clients realize their real estate dreams, she loves spending time with her husband, their little daughter and their 2 cats.

Rose Karta’s Recent Transactions