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Savvy, tenacious, and always on your side.

Shenna’s focus is to fiercely protect her clients’ interests in negotiations and to provide a high quality professional experience. She gets her drive from being a trusted advisor and is passionate about strategy, pricing, and expert analysis. Shenna takes pride in providing excellent results, and earning her clients trust so they continue to award her referrals.

Shenna is very organized, driven and pays attention to every detail. She has personal experience in everything from ground-up construction and extensive remodels to owning rental property and uses this knowledge to provide insight and advice. Her passion for negotiation and her extensive background in banking and mortgage finance are some of her strengths that ensure success for her clients.

Shenna has always enjoyed being a trusted advisor. Her first career was on "Wall Street" as a municipal bond trader and portfolio manager in charge of Tax Exempt Fixed Income Trading at Montgomery Securities. Prior to working in Real Estate, Shenna was a Business Development Manager at Indymac Bank, advising mortgage brokers of how to best structure loans. She analyzed thousands of scenarios in her career and found creative solutions to an infinite number of lending challenges.

“I’m proud every time I close an excellent deal for my clients. When they win, I win!


My wife and I recently decided to move to Marin and were ably guided in our search by Shenna Moe.  Shenna proved to be a great choice of real estate agents.  She knows the various different markets and their attributes really well and showed us many different alternative homes before we decided to make a purchase.  Shenna was meticulous in helping us through the many steps of the process.  She maintained a great sense of perspective and humor throughout.  We are delighted to recommend Shenna.Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to mention or whether you want it edited in some way.Thanks and best regards! -Roger H.

When we decided to sell our home we like nearly everyone else needed to find a realtor with whom we could work. Our goals were simple. We wanted to maximize the sale revenue and minimize our effort.  We selected Shenna Moe to represent us and market our home.She came over to assess the property and begin to develop a marketing plan for our property.  I was impressed with her thoroughness and depth of detail as her plan developed. She worked with a stager who helped structure the staging of the house a photographer who took the pictures used to market the house using print and internet and a mover who helped us move things out during the staging time.  All the documents were easily signed over the internet without leaving wherever we were. She sent reports of comps in the neighborhood and general reports of real estate transactions throughout the area. She was always quickly available by phone or email.  I felt that she was part of the team needed to sell out home and she was clearly the Project Manager managing every detail that needed to be done.She was terrific. Every detail that needed to get done was done and nothing fell through the cracks ever! She orchestrated a fair price and fair terms for the sale. Everyone was happy. I couldn't recommend her more highly. -Ben & Lee W.

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