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Suh Lee is Realtor at Compass Palo Alto office. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Suh has been a real estate investor/developer for many years, buying and fixing home for resale/rental, and developing new homes in prime bay area cities. She has worked with a number of private, public, bi-lateral, and multi-lateral organizations in her engineering and program management endeavors, including Acer America, Ambit Microsystems, and Hon-Hai Precision Industrial Ltd. Her engineering and program management experience were in area of new product and business development, process and system enhancement, and program management for top tier customers such as Apple and Cisco.

Suh’s background in engineering and program management with her real estate investment experience will be advantageous to any buyer or seller. Her real estate agent business focuses on working with buyers, sellers and investors. She offers a high standard of service to assist her clients realize their real estate dreams, whether it is home ownership, income flow, or potential capital gain.

Suh only works with a small number of great clients at any given time, her service includes:

- Analyzing market data (CMA) and return on investment (ROI), and identifying exit strategy

- Performing due diligence (title, environmental, site, and building)

- Recommending floor plan & elevation, interior/exterior design, materials, preparation for sale

- Promoting through various channels/medias

- Conducting after sale services

Suh belongs to a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are all part of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced marketing firm, specializing in distinctive properties and estates. In spite of the challenging market conditions, Compass continues to succeed and achieve unparalleled results. Compass not only continues to lead the Bay Area in home sales, but also ranks as the largest privately owned, independent residential real estate company in California - second largest in the United States, Suh is dedicated to excellence and client service. Her association with Compass is an outstanding example of this commitment.


“我認識 Suh Lee 已經超過十年了.因為她獨到的眼光和精準的作風,我開始了房地產的投資,做起了房東。直到現在,仍然享受著令人滿意的利潤。Suh Ho 是我見過做事最認真負責的人,為人腳踏實地。她或許不是世界上最會說話的人,但是你可以肯定她告訴你的絕對是最中肯的建議。在房地產投資上,她不只會幫你找到你心目中的房子,更會幫助你分析未來的趨勢;如何以最合理的價格,獲得最高的利潤。我很少信任別人的能力,Suh 是少數讓我絕對放心和信任的人!不只因為她的細心負責,更因為她對市場敏銳的眼光,和誠實可靠的做事態度。我很幸運,早早地認識了她;希望你也能像我一樣幸運,有一位像 Suh 的経紀人做你的 partner.”

“Suh is a very professional agent and she is very nice in every appointment and on the phone. When I met troubles and issues when purchasing the home, she is always patient to get my problems solved.”

“Although we have had a strong interest in this property over the past two weeks, the Seller feels that your offer is extremely thorough and anticipates that your Buyer is serious about the purchase and will close. This is extremely important for obvious reasons.”

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