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About Susan

Susan’s career has spanned 30 years from corporate sales and management to consulting to owning restaurants in Washington DC/VA. This diverse experience has led to a high level of success in collaborative environments, a strong work ethic and a laser focus on detail and process that she brings to selling and marketing in real estate today.

Susan has designed and built several homes and loves the design/ build process. There is a lot to building/renovating in California and the process can be enjoyable, stress-free and manageable with appropriate preparation. She has used her business skills to purchase, manage and successfully complete these projects within budget and on time. Understanding products and design have assisted Susan in recognizing positive and negative aspects of properties and costs associated with upgrades, renovations and enhancing a property.

Educating and empowering clients with correct information is her passion. The better her clients are prepared, whether buying or selling a home, is the key to success. Preparation, marketing, and execution are equally important in a transaction and Susan are extremely versed in all aspects.

Honesty, Intelligence, Integrity coupled with a love of people best describes Susan. This business can be quick and intense as well as long and sinuous. It takes someone who can go the distance, communicate effectively as well as traverse the difficult aspects of a real estate transaction. There is a saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. I would say I have been very lucky in my career! However, it truly comes down to preparation and execution. This is crucial in a successful real estate transaction.

Susan grew up in Virginia, graduated from Virginia Tech and has lived all over the country with her career. Today she and her husband reside in Los Gatos where she is an Art Docent and enjoys golf, yoga, great food, and travel. I hope you will consider teaming with me in your next Real Estate Investment.

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