About Ta-Chun

Ta-Chun brings to Compass a wealth of skill and professionalism, joining a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are all part of the most sophisticated real estate team.

Having received his doctoral degree from Johns Hopkins University and worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry for 12 years, Ta-Chun has developed a keen mind in problem solving and paying attention to details. He had been involved in many product development projects through extensive scientific research, supporting numerous project teams as his customers. Delivering timely results to help achieve the milestones of product development has shaped a quality-driven and customer-focused mindset for his work ethics today.

Through his personal experience in the home searching and purchasing process, he has gained first-hand knowledge of the housing market, the market trends, and a new passion for real estate. He is eager to help customers pursue their dreams and adventures. Along with his patience and loyalty, deeply rooted within his cultural background, he will listen to customers and approach each transaction with precision and consistent quality for all of his clients.

Contact Ta-Chun for your next real estate adventure and endeavor.