About Todd

My name is Todd Van Laanen. I am a real estate Broker Associate with Compass. I have been practicing real estate full time for over 25 years. I have an extensive background in this industry, constantly focused on positioning myself where I may best serve my clients.

What do I do?

I specialize in achieving my client's goals! I have been described by my colleagues throughout my industry as the "hand holding agent". My past clients are loyal also. I have found that even if their best friend or a relative has gotten a real estate license, they return for my expertise in my field because of my strong negotiating skills. You see, I believe every single real estate transaction is unique. Every client has their own goals and every home is different in so many ways. Couple that with an ever-changing market, and your agent better be able to re-create the wheel.

Here at Compass we employ multi-million dollar technologies to help us locate and communicate with buyers from everywhere in the world. I personally employ further specific technologies to help focus the activities important to each client's goals. So when asked what do I do? The answer is "EVERYTHING SOMETIMES".

I am primarily what is called a listing agent. I am set up to help you sell your home. Buyers like to work with me because I know who may be selling, which makes this a significant advantage to them. I am also assessing the value of homes in all different communities of this region of the bay which I serve.

If you are even thinking of buying or selling any real estate, it will benefit you to talk to me. We can develop a personalized strategy to help you be successful in achieving your goal. You'll see!

Todd Van Laanen’s Recent Transactions