About Weronika

Weronika (pronounced Veronica) is a California licensed REALTOR® specializing in Santa Clara County. She began her real estate journey early. During her school years she expressed interest in property management and took over the duties of a landlord as a part-time job for family owned condos in Europe. After relocating to the United States she followed her passion and was there to help multiple West Coast based development companies, maximizing capitalization strategies. Weronika has extensive experience with Class-A multifamily projects all around the United States and her attention to detail is one of the traits that makes her exceed all expectations. In the Bay Area as a project manager for a Palo Alto startup, she began to co-organize educational real estate lectures consisting of multiple sessions. Her experience in investor partnerships, project management, maximizing profits and exceptional negotiation skills are essential in successful and profitable real estate transactions.

Weronika takes pride in ensuring all of her clients receive the utmost care and attention during the personal and emotional experience of buying or selling a home. “Quality over everything else", is her professional motto. Being multilingual enables her to carefully listen and understand the needs of clients all around the world. On a personal note Weronika enjoys traveling, swimming and is involved in multiple animal welfare programs and rescues.