Sharon Gill, MBA, MSc

Sharon Gill, MBA, MSc

DRE# 02036831
About Sharon
Why settle for basic, when you can have EXTRA?™

Sharon entered the real estate industry to further her passion for serving as her client’s advocate. Her Myers Briggs (ENFJ) and Enneagram scores (1w2) accurately summarize her skills and explain why she is a naturally talented real estate agent. Sharon is a charismatic leader and is intrinsically motivated to curate the experience of a lifetime for her clients. Her systematic approach to each step of the transaction ensures transparency, effectiveness and success. Her journey into real estate, however, was not linear. She worked in the biotechnology industry whilst furthering her education:

2006: Graduated from UC Berkeley with BA in Molecular and Cell Biology

2010: Graduated from San Jose State University with an MBA

2015: Graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a MSc in Biotechnology/Biodefense and a National Security Certificate

Sharon purchased her first home in 2016 and realized how difficult the home buying process can be. This experience inspired her earn her real estate license to ensure that other individuals are safeguarded against these challenges. Sharon is a person of integrity and is committed to creating an EXTRAvagant experience for home buyers and sellers in the East San Francisco Bay Area. This includes, but is not limited to, chauffeured buyer's tours, themed open houses, decoration and design support for buyers after close of escrow, exclusive introduction and access to subject matter experts, and exquisite negotiation tactics. While none of these things are imperative, they certainly make the entire process a lot more enjoyable. After all, why settle for basic, when you can have EXTRA?