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About Valerie
Real estate expert Valerie Caddell is known for serving her clients with integrity, compassion and crystal-clear communication. Helping people is what Valerie does best, so perhaps it's no surprise that her empathetic outlook and grace under pressure were honed during a 15-year nursing career. Her interest in real estate, meanwhile, was sparked by her own home search, a process she put off for years because of the intimidating complexity of the process. Today, she puts her ample talents and expertise to work ensuring East Dallas buyers and sellers feel confident, informed and relaxed throughout their real estate journeys.

A proud member of the Heather Guild Group, Valerie loves collaborating with her team and benefitting from their 40 years of combined experience. "We are each other's support system, avid cheerleaders and helping hands," she says.

A third-generation Dallas native, Valerie lives in Lakewood with her husband and two children where they're surrounded by close-knit neighbors, wonderful amenities and bountiful natural splendor. In her free time, you'll find Valerie spending time with friends and family; volunteering at sporting events, schools and scouts; or exploring her beloved neighborhood on foot.