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Compass Data Pledge

We believe Agent's data is their own and we will always allow agents to take their client database with them.

We will never contact Agent's clients without their explicit permission.

The Compass Foundation

We’ve built the first modern real estate platform, pairing top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.

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    Compass Collections

    Called the Pinterest of real estate, this curated visual workspace allows agents and clients to collaborate in real time. You can easily organize homes, centralize your discussions, and monitor the market by receiving immediate status and price updates.

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    Organize promising listings

    Save homes that match your clients’ criteria on an interactive board with photos and listing information.

    Collaborate with your clients

    Invite buyers—as well as spouses, parents, and friends—to view a collection and add properties they like.

    Discuss with the group

    Comment on properties and answer questions with simple and centralized communications.

    Monitor the market

    Receive automated and immediate price and status updates for all the homes in your collections.

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    Compass Insights

    This personalized dashboard contains all the key data points you need to craft a winning marketing strategy around audience and traffic information, uncover new lead-generation opportunities, and invest accordingly in the positioning of your listing.

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    Support your strategies with data

    Use real-time engagement and traffic insights to endorse your recommendations to clients, including tricky price drop conversations.

    Show clients you're working for them

    Gain actionable insights from your dashboard at a glance, and share reports that show all the ways you’re driving traffic to your clients’ listings.

    Optimize your marketing plan

    Learn about your listings' viewers and find out how your social media and digital advertising channels are performing so you can build an informed marketing plan.

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    Marketing Center

    Our digital design studio features a library of sophisticated designs so that Compass agents can effortlessly customize beautiful print and social collateral with just a few clicks.

    Create marketing materials in minutes

    Marketing Center integrates with, so listing and contact information automatically pre-populates in your design.

    Customize and localize your designs

    Edit text, drag-and-drop images, and change layouts to customize each piece to suit your needs.

    Choose from a curated content catalog

    Our in-house creative team designs beautiful marketing pieces that you can customize and share across multiple platforms.

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    Compass CRM

    Compass CRM is a customer relationship management platform that empowers agents to nurture relationships, close more sales, and stay one step ahead with insights powered by artificial intelligence.

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    Try our technology for yourself.

    Download Compass for iOS

    Your guide to finding a home you’ll love, Compass Real Estate combines best-in-class technology with exceptional real estate agents to make your search for homes smart and seamless.


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          Agent Logo Workbook

          Our digital questionnaire invites agents to take an active role in the creation of their custom logo. A series of fast, fun prompts provides our designers with all of the information they need to develop an impactful, personalized design.

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          Agent tailored services

          Our dynamic videos are designed to elicit and broadcast the best of each listing and allow prospective buyers an unprecedented glimpse of each property.

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            We’re making an impact from coast to coast.

            Serving vibrant real estate markets nationwide, Compass agents and teams pair data, technology, and design with unparalleled local knowledge.

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            Office Stats

            Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world.

            Discover the shared purpose that drives our team.

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            We're guided by our principles.

            The Compass entrepreneurial principles embody our values and define our culture.

            Our inspiration is rooted in reality.

            We aim to build the brokerage of every agent's dreams, so everything we do is a direct reflection of the feedback we hear from you.

            Our vision
            stems from experience.

            Our CEO Robert Reffkin overcame obstacles to find his place in the world — which drives our desire to help every member of our community to do the same.

            Listen to his story here.

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            We're committed
            to our communities.

            Our philanthrophy program, Compass Cares, empowers agents to support meaningful causes where it counts most: at home. This year alone we have supported 800+ local organizations.

            Learn more about Compass Cares here.

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            Our Leadership

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