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Program Launch Testimonials

Neal Ward (Mentor) 

"I believe we all have good intentions and want to do our part to see all succeed, but to have the program actually memorialized and formalized has been extremely beneficial to ensure its success. My mentee and I have had our first two sessions which have been richly rewarding and meaningful."

Nick Cooper (Mentor)

"I'm so thrilled to be participating in the mentorship program. Knowing Compass is actively investing in equity for agents from underrepresented communities and having the opportunity to participate in that investment is an incredible experience."

"When I reflect on the Compass agent mentorship program, I think about the quote, “Each one, teach one.” Theresa, my mentee asked, “why do I mentor?” I told her because I have been fortunate enough to have mentors that took interest in me. I am sure that everyone can agree, "No one succeeds alone." My only intention is that she’ll do the same for someone else and she will continue to pay it forward -- actually that all the mentees will continue to pay it forward. I am also happy to share that Theresa has already taken steps to align herself with a team that will push her out of her comfort zone so she can continue to grow, thrive and give back." 

"I'm really excited to be a part of this program! My mentor, Chris, has been really proactive about helping me and being available to answer my questions on deals. I can tell he genuinely cares about me and my success as a new agent."

"My mentor, Nicole, has opened my mind to think in an entirely new dimension. Our conversations have been about the philosophy of winning in life because she not only wants me to win at real estate but also with my family, my marriage and my relationships. She's truly an inspirational person on an incredible journey generously willing to lend a hand on the ride. 

Thank you, Mentors, for your giving spirit — I promise to pay it forward!"

"I'm excited for the opportunity to have a mentor and to participate in this program! Kevin asked me to write down 5 goals I want to accomplish with the mentor program and one of those is to have a solid foundation in business, life and to one day be a mentor to someone! Thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow!"

Sadé Christopher (Mentee)

"I am so excited to be a part of our Mentorship Program because as a new agent I can build a strong network. I love that we have such a diverse team of people that can support and help build each other's brand."

Jerry Beverly (Mentee)

"The Compass mentorship program has been great so far. My mentor Neal Ward allows me and my team to sit in on his weekly meetings. His experience and professionalism has given me the confidence and structure to better my business. I'm excited to continue the program, we're just getting started!"

Butch Haze (Mentor)

"I have lived by and love the quote “success is rented”. I am so grateful for the strong women who mentored me throughout my life, starting with my mom. She was a single parent with no room to fail. So many companies pay lip service to making a difference but I love that Compass is leading the way with this mentorship program. This is exactly the right thing at the right time."

Christopher Cruz (Mentor)

"I'm excited to be part of our very own Mentorship Program here at Compass. I love helping team members within our team and now I have an opportunity to Leslie Liang, who specializes in the San Francisco Peninsula. I believe having a partner to call or text during deals is extremely helpful, Leslie and I, have already bounced ideas off each other with one of her current deals. I am taking this opportunity to become a solid Team Leader at our Walnut Creek office." 

Kevin Wakelin (Mentor)

"Proud to be part of this innovative program that creates a guided and programmed opportunity for me to give back to our Compass family by offering a helping hand to fellow colleagues that are just starting out. I’m not sure who benefits the most, the mentee or mentor, as it feels pretty damn good to me to share my experience and knowledge with an appreciative mentee who needs help to grow their own real estate business."

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