The Vision for the Future of Real Estate
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Accelerate your success with a network of top talent.

Professional Development & Coaching

Stay Inspired with Compass 6AMERs

  • Join our Achievement and Accountability Group
  • Engage with a community dedicated to professional and personal development
  • Focus on making yourself happier and healthier with commitments and milestones

Guidance and Motivation with Compass Core

  • A multi-week real estate coaching program for building your skills and systems
  • Led by experienced sales and industry leaders to develop your business foundation
  • Learn and practice top agent habits and practices

What our agents think

Jason Squire
Jason SquirePrincipal AgentSoCal

“In 2021, the best year I have ever had in real estate... Much of this I credit to being a member of the 6AMer group... Makes me accountable and reminds me that I am part of a bigger organization where I am supported.”

transaction volume in 2021 YoY
Amit Bhuta
Amit BhutaPrincipal AgentCoconut Grove, FL

“By being coached in the right way, knowing what to say, knowing what to show, what to share, knowing what to ask that seller so we can make our listing description more emotional and our marketing better... By doing all these things, it has really helped us a ton.”

Billy Davis
Billy DavisPrincipal AgentNew York, NY

“From my first interactions with Robert Reffkin, to my interview with the sales manager and team lead I've found nothing but overwhelming support and enthusiasm from everyone in the Compass family.”

Jamie Erfle
Jamie ErflePrincipal AgentPhiladelphia, PA

“Since joining Compass, I have access to a manager, which he really serves as much more of a coach and mentor. The focus is always ‘What do you want to achieve?’”

business after joining Compass

How agents gain confidence and direction to succeed at Compass

Compass’ entrepreneurship principles and community create a culture that empowers agents to be successful entrepreneurs.
Discover why agents believe Compass supports them as entrepreneurs
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Expand Your Network & Impact

Connect with a National Agent Network

  • Almost anywhere a buyer is considering moving, you’ll have a well-respected Compass agent to refer
  • Compass keeps our agents interconnected in 40+ markets to foster a strong referral network
  • Connect with 26K+ top agents at in-office seminars and cross-country referral events

Unlock Referrals with the Find an Agent Tool

  • Quickly turn referrals into a larger business
  • Connect clients or new contacts in different areas to the perfect agent in minutes
  • Easily search and filter agents by neighborhood, price point, recent transactions, experience, and more

What our agents think

Alex Algarin
Alex AlgarinPrincipal AgentMiami, FL

“The support staff is a huge part of my growth. You have an entire team behind you that is willing to support you and help you grow, coach you, educate you and introduce you to people.”

referrals in a single year through the Compass Agent Network
Lindsay Dunlap
Lindsay DunlapPrincipal AgentSan Diego, CA

“I could not have doubled my business and been recognized as Team Realtor of the Year and the Top 40 Under 40 by the San Diego Assiociation of Realtors if it wasn‘t for the support of Compass.”

in new business through referrals from the Compass Agent Network
Wendi Slaton Anderson
Wendi Slaton AndersonPrincipal AgentAustin, TX

“Roots wasn't broken, everything was working beautifully and I had my systems in place. I wasn't looking for anything I couldn't handle on my own, Compass just makes me better. I am empowered and inspired.”

increase in team members within first 6 months at Compass
Sarah Fakih
Sarah FakihPrincipal AgentDallas, TX

“When I onboarded with Compass, it was unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. I felt very VIP. They definitely rolled out the red carpet. We believe that we are 100% where we belong.“

agents added to the team since joining Compass

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The Vision for the Future of Real Estate

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  • 1.What agents should expect from a brokerage
  • 2.Where to focus energy for future success
  • 3.The importance of a mobile real estate platform
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Our Sales Managers mentor and coach agents toward meeting and exceeding their goals.

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