Amanda Mulholland

Amanda Mulholland

DRE#: 01923361
About Amanda
I’m proud to say I’m a hustler by nature. When I’m kicked down or told “No,” I use it as fuel to get back on top. I was a child entrepreneur and a Division I college athlete, so I’ve always been very competitive. I’m smart, I’m strategic, and I don’t give up.

I’ve never met a problem I couldn’t solve, which makes me the ideal partner for clients and real estate agents alike. On both sides of the Golden Gate, I know and get along with all of the players. I know the neighborhoods, the school districts and where to get the best burrito. I’ve gotten top dollar for my sellers, flipped three homes of my own and pushed countless offers through for my clients — even when our price was lower than the competitors’.

After years of living and working in San Francisco, I now live in Marin with my husband and two kids. If, like me, your family wants to relocate to the north or if you’re looking to find that special home in the city, I can help you cross that bridge. I’ll take you from the life that you have to the life that you want.

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Amanda Mulholland is a world class real estate professional. I've never sold a home before but that didn't stop me from having very specific conditions:a) I wanted to an off market sale so random people wouldn't be coming in and out of my house b) I needed to stay in home for a two and a half months after I sold it and for the buyer to be ok with that – turns out Amanda not only got this stipulation she got it for me rent free (!)c) and of course like anyone I wanted the best price possibleAmanda delivered everything I asked for – from agreement to listing to sale in a timeline of only 35 days. See? World.Class.I'd be remiss in not mentioning her operations partner Jennifer Gottlieb who made the many logistical points of selling a home very clear orderly and seamless.I want to express sincere thanks and appreciation to Amanda and Jennifer for helping me start a new chapter in my life. What great partners. -Alan Y.

We first ran into Amanda at an open house about 1 year before we were seriously ready to buy but knew we would be in the market soon. We connected with her immediately as she is friendly knowledgable and confident in her knowledge of the SF market. Within that year time she kept in touch with us checking in and sending us properties that were in our price range. When we finally jumped in the market she was there for us with properties to look at and always very available when we needed her either in person phone or over email. It took us a little bit of time but she helped us find our perfect home and was an asset during the negotiation and contract phase.Amanda brings a lot to the table in terms of market and general real estate knowledge. She gives it to you straight and is looking out for your best interests. She has a lot of connections in the city and will be able to guide you to the right people if you need recommendations for all aspects of the real estate equation. Amanda makes a complicated and sometimes overwhelming experience easy and seamless. -Ashley S.