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It’s not an exaggeration to say that Amy’s clients L-O-V-E her. No doubt the Indianapolis native’s friendly, easy-going manner is a big part of her charm. She admits, “I’m really outgoing and love meeting new people. I can have a conversation with anyone.” But her clients’ fondness is just as likely rooted in her knowledge of the market, talent for getting into homes before they’re even listed, and absolute devotion to customer service.

After graduating with a marketing and advertising degree from Bradley University, a small liberal arts university in Peoria, Illinois, Amy found herself entering the job market just as the advertising industry crashed. Plan B meant she would work for Nordstrom until she could find a “real job.” It wasn’t long, though, before she caught the attention of Nordstrom executives and was promoted to manager. She quickly moved up through the ranks with stints in Indianapolis, Houston, and Dallas.

“When you’re a manager at Nordstrom, they let you run your own business,” she says. “It gave me a really good foundation for real estate because Nordstrom has such a commitment to exceptional customer service.” Still, retail wasn’t Amy’s passion, so she earned her real estate license in 2006, and has been devoted to what she considers her true professional calling ever since.

“There’s a lot of joy and satisfaction when you’re helping someone find a new home, a place that’s perfect for them,” Amy admits. “As they get to know me, they come to trust me and value my experience and advice. It’s an honor because, in most cases, they’re making one of their largest purchases ever.”

Bonding in a car while exploring a city has its advantages. Amy says she becomes friends with nearly all of her clients and sees them long after the ink has dried on buyer and seller contracts. “We go for drinks or brunch. I’m very involved with them beyond our real estate connection—which I love. Many of their children even call me “Aunt Amy.”

As a self-professed interior design enthusiast with a keen eye, Amy also offers valuable guidance to help sellers distinguish their properties in Dallas’ very competitive real estate market. “Every time I take a listing, I have a full meeting with the seller to talk about staging their home using their current furnishings, or bringing in other items, if needed.” she says. “Over the years, I found that simplicity is key when it comes to attracting buyers.”

Now part of the esteemed Nancy Johnson Group since January 2017, Amy is delighted to work alongside an industry juggernaut she has admired for quite some time. “As the number one agent in Dallas, Nancy is incredible,” Amy adds. “She has so many hip pocket listings and manages to get houses under contract before the general public even knows they’re on the market. Being part of her organization definitely gives me an advantage over many other agents.”

When she isn’t working, Amy enjoys checking out new restaurants and hot spots around Dallas with one of her many clients or friends. You’re also likely to spot her running in her Lakewood neighborhood with her three dogs. As often as she can, Amy absolutely loves traveling both internationally and within the states. Living up to her life mantra “work hard, play hard”, Amy is having fun doing both.