Andrei Bandrovsky

Andrei Bandrovsky

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About Andrei
Before starting his Real Estate career, Andrei worked for two high-tech Bay Area companies as an advertising director in close contacts with such publications as SF Chronicle, Examiner Magazine, Architectural Digest, and SJ Mercury. His passion and professional skills as an advertiser naturally brought him to Real Estate, as an extension of his experience.

For the past 20 years, Andrei had been associated with such Real Estate industry leaders as Coldwell Banker, Campi Properties, Sotheby's, Pacific Union and finally the best in the industry, with unsurpassed capitalization - .

The wisdom of sales, the knowledge of human behavior, the shrewd negotiating skills - these things Andrei learned mainly on the road, from the volume of sales of high-end and luxury properties.

The foundation of Andrei's life and sales philosophy came from timeless principles of 10 commandments, integrity first, treat others as you want to be treated, the client is always right, never leaving the client's dime on the table.

Residing in Palo Alto for the past 20 years after moving his family from San Francisco to Palo Alto for his son's placement into the Gunn High School, Andrei become deeply rooted in the local community of Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park, Atherton. This is where his business transactions are taking place, intimately knowing all specific historic details, qualities, and advantages of each city's areas and school districts. The majority of Andrei's clients are a combination of international, European buyers and sellers and proprietary list of local developers, international and local financial investors, and top executives of the Best Silicon Valley Corporate Establishments.

Long term relationships, friendships, referrals from past happy clients are the sources of constant expansion of Andrei's business. Andrei's connections with his clients average 10-11 years. Over the years, the occasional invitations to celebrate events in close client’s family circles make these relationships even sweeter.

All these good vibes from the client would be impossible without a highly skillful group of specialists that work with Andrei, that make exceptional marketing design, photo and video shoots, 3D renderings, fixing properties for the market, staging, catering, etc. It's almost like a movie crew. They are diligently working on the background of Andrei's business, writing a new success story for each sale. The recent introduction of the concierge program that offers to cover all upfront Seller's expenses related to placing the property on the market as well as proprietary list of vendors, makes Andrei's business proposition unreachable for the competitors.

After eight years of study the World Art and Architecture, Andrei's passion is still there. Life of the French architect Corbusier or fluid design lines of Zaha Hadid, Frank Lloyd Wright's concept of the Guggenheim Museum of New York, could probably fill a couple of hours of joyful coffee talk, before or after Andrei's listing presentation. Membership of the Nation Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, Bay Area Multiple Listing Service, Luxury Real Estate, Certification as an International and Seniors Realtor and finally the widest coverage of the USA and International affiliates, knowledge of several languages, allow Andrei to represent clients across all 50 states' lines, as well as all International borders.