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Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, International Client Services, Downsizing and Estate Sales, Real Estate Consultation, Curated Sourcing, Value Engineering, Architectural History, Building Science

Licensed DC, VA, MD


University of Pittsburgh - Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) - Architectural Studies and Fine Arts


Friends of the National Arboretum
Tregaron Conservancy
Kennedy Center Patron Circle Member
Hope Association
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Client Testimonials

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"Andy is a fantastic realtor— he has helped us narrow our searches, think through potential targets, negotiate prices, as well as facilitate the closings. Beyond purchases, he has also assisted in securing tenants in a very timely manner. Perhaps the strongest proof lies in the fact that he has helped us multiple purchases, will continue our go- realtor! "

"Great agent who was highly responsive professional ... went beyond."

"Andy was great work ! Responsive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. We will definitely recommend him our friends! "

"This was my first Andrew made the process extremely seamless. He explained the process step of the way. I closed the property within a month of finding it especially since I was out of the country during the whole process. If I was in the market another property, Andrew would the agent I’d contact."

"Great guy very helpful!"

About Andrew

Andrew was raised on a mountainside meadow in the pristine PA Appalachians and has spent most of his adult life in the District of Columbia, proudly attaching the "Washingtonian" moniker to the headline of his story. He expertly and practically blends extensive building science experience, an Architecture and Fine Arts background, savvy business practices, and emotional intelligence to match exceptional people with exceptional homes. Andrew's trained eye and commitment to the highest level of hospitality has earned his practice an impeccable reputation and fantastic outcomes for his clientele. As a fiduciary and humanistic practitioner, he truly relates to those he serves putting their interests before his own and is driven to create a positive feedback loop such that the people he helps tend to refer him to those they care about.  Historically, he has conducted 10-20% of his business off-market and his clients have referred to him as a "truffle pig", and a "bird dog", symbols that he welcomes.  His experience in and appreciation of fine and folk arts trained him to periodically take steps back from the work he is performing and consider the broadest spectrum of theoretical outcomes such that his clients are fully equipped.  He always does his best to be a gentlemen despite his quiet roots, especially when no one is watching, and makes sure to fully digest his daily humble pie.

Andrew has been named as a Top Agent by the Washingtonian and the Compass brokerage for the past 4 years.  He holds real estate licenses in DC, Virginia and Maryland and Architecture and Fine Arts degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. In the first leg of his real estate career while working in real estate development, he managed the construction and renovation of over 300 dwellings in the District of Columbia, including Victorian, Beaux Arts, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern and ground up new construction, now providing a distinct advantage to his seller clientele in terms of return-on-investment implementation and offering keen insights regarding overall property condition and characteristics for his buyer clientele. The majority of Andrew's property trades originate from repeat and referral business, but he also enjoys educating those who are new to the market and those who have not engaged in the real estate world for some time.  Out of respect for the virtue of wisdom and experience, he offers the best resources for down-sizers as well.  He thoroughly enjoys learning from the brilliance of distant cultures and serves many international clients.

Andrew (or Andy as many of his friends and clients refer to him) currently resides in a Victorian home in DC. He enjoys gathering with loved ones, food and wine, horticulture, attending performances, and traveling.  Follow him on instagram at andrew_norris_realtor where he occasionally posts his favorite finds to share with others.

Andy's First Real Estate Deal after College:

With a given appreciation for the simpler aspects of daily life throughout human history, he volunteered at the National Civil War Museum (a Smithsonian affiliate) after it was completed.  There, Andy spent most of his time assisting the curator, Brian Kelly, by transcribing diaries, reading old cook books, digests and many issues of mid-1800s newspapers.  Then, one day when reading an officer's diary (Charles Thayer, later becoming a dentist in the Baltimore/DC area), he stumbled across rudimentary plans for an officer's cabin.  The curator was planning a living exhibit where he would spend 2 weeks in a winter camp and march along the connecting historic footpaths in the region.  Andy suggested that a canvas dog tent was not enough for the frigid February weather and his mentor agreed, so he wracked his brain about how they could bring the officer's plan to life.  Knowing the terrain, ecosystem and people from his East Appalachian beginnings, Andy personally managed a project with help from his engineer/farmer friend, Ron, across the valley, and coordinated the timbering of several dozen plumb black birch trees (an advantageous, fast-growing species that suffocated the slower growing oaks and elms due to an increased white tail deer population).  He and his neighbor took on this task in the early days of the driving snow of 2010's Snowmageddon on the steep grades of Blue Mountain; it was quite a feat!  Andy connected his father's friend, Warren, an earthworker in the valley with the museum administrative staff, and he arranged to transport the rough-timbered quarry to the museum grounds on one of his dump trucks. There, on a flat substrate the building was erected with the help of many excited to be a part of the project.  Andy's love for satisfying his tastebuds drove him to research the quartermasters records (he became Brian's acting quartermaster and cook throughout the endeavor).  At one point when they were sitting around the Sibley stove enjoying some handmade, fried apple hand pies as a treat after split pea stew and sharing stories with over 2 feet of snow outside, a knock came on the door along with the words "I am a friend of the Union!".  It was a nice old man with a flush and creased face mostly covered by a long burly beard, his frame atop a pair of cross country skis; he had brought a gift to the camp--a six pack of beers from the then nearby Troegs brewery.  

Andy recalls this experience fondly and has made many efforts to reconstruct a variety of his favorite meals from fine restaurants and points in time and place ever since. He enjoys research while still respecting the value of experience through action and uses past data to inform his present strategies and life in general. He had also built several grocery stores and restaurants in his early days in DC along with working in the restaurant service industry for over a decade since the earliest age that he was legally allowed to work.

Despite his fewer than four decades on this earth, Andy has had lifetimes full of tragedy, comedy and adventure and is equipped to serve anyone welcoming clear communication.

Andrew Norris’ Listings

a front view of a house with a yard
a front view of a house with a garden
a view of front door
a view of a book shelf with lots of books
a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture fireplace and a large window
a living room with furniture and painting on the wall
a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a sink and a stove
a kitchen with a appliances a stove and a wooden floor
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a sink stove and refrigerator
a kitchen with a stove a sink and a window
a bedroom with a bed window and a window
a bedroom with a bed and wooden floor
a bed room with a bed and a chair
a bathroom with a sink a toilet and shower
a fire hydrant in the middle of a field
a view of a house with a yard
a view of a brick house with a yard
front view of house with a street
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