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    Shirley is a member of Driggin Realty Group. Please click here to see the team's listings and recent transactions.

    She brings a strong business background and diverse cultural experience to Driggin Realty Group. Shirley has over 13 years of experience in B2B online media and had a career as business manager at a public global media company responsible for international marketing and the China team's operations and business growth; spending substantial time managing their Beijing office. Shirley has lived in Boston area for almost 20 years. She works hard to deliver an exceptional and comprehensive experience to her clients; with detail-oriented attention and a strong work ethic. She received her M.S. in Information Systems from Northeastern University right here in Boston and earned an M.A. in Linguistics from Hunan University, China.

    Shirley是DRG团队成员. Shirley的加入为DGR团队带来丰富的职场经验以及多元化背景. Shirley具有13年的B2B网络媒体从业经验,曾就职于一家上市国际媒体公司,负责国际市场营销,后外派北京多年,负责中国区的业务运营与增长. Shirley定居波士顿近二十年,多年的媒体工作经验培养了其极强的职业意识以及工作能力。Shirley致力于为客户提供专业、卓越、细致和周到的服务. Shirley毕业于波士顿的东北大学,具有信息系统的硕士学位,同时还拥有湖南大学的语言学硕士学位.