Brandon Brooke

Brandon Brooke

About Brandon
Brandon is a seasoned broker at Compass and a Northwest native, who embodies the values of our beautiful region. He believes in the pursuit of information and is obsessive about market knowledge. Brandon understands that real estate is a people business and, as a professional, it’s imperative maintain strong relationships with both clients and peers.

His philosophy, paired with Compass’ support and guidance, provides his clients the highest level of service.

From Brandon:

"With regards to real estate, selling has never been the main initiative. Selling , just to sell, is hollow and creates a void. The goal has always been building relationships.

Bottom line is, nobody wants to work with someone unless they believe in that person’s ability and what they represent. I aim to build that relationship with high level experience, consistent integrity, and proven processes in the workplace.

All of this can be simplified: to me, the most important thing in the business is truly caring. If you truly care, you are going to take the time to be organized, be informed, have a process, and continue sharpening your skillset-so that you are providing the best service possible for your clients. My goal is to be a trusted advisor to my clients for a lifetime. And that doesn't happen if you don't truly care."

Client Testimonials

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" We had a phenomenal experience working with Brandon and Casey. We were first time homebuyers and not entirely sure what we wanted aside from a small list of must-haves. Our only education about the Seattle market was from news articles and Redfin listings. Brandon and Casey were extraordinarily helpful in getting us up to speed on topics such as mortgage companies, inventory timing, neighborhood specifics, and affordability (given everything selling well above list price at the time). They also went above and beyond in helping us tour homes virtually when we were unable to go ourselves due to work schedules. In the end, our very first offer was accepted which is unheard of in Seattle. We are thrilled with our new home and grateful for the smooth experience Brandon and Casey provided."
-Becky G

" Our family couldn't be more grateful for being able to work with Brandon and Casey during our home buying process. We initially started working with the Brooke x Parker Group back in 2015. We luckily had the fortune of living in a house that we really liked and fit our needs at that time but knew that with a growing family we would ultimately need more space at some point. While this allowed us to be very patient and picky in finding our forever home, it meant that Brandon and Casey would end up being on a long home buying journey with us. Over the course of the 5 years we probably looked at 1000's of homes online and went to view 50+ houses in-person. Never once throughout the process did Brandon or Casey seem impatient or concerned about the extended timeframe. They never rushed or pressured us into conforming a house to fit our needs that we didn't feel 100% confident in. They were always open and ready to go view a house at a moment’s notice and happy to do the necessary comps, research and brainstorming to help us make an informed decision. I can't say enough about Brandon and Casey's knowledge, expertise and understanding of the housing market in its entirety. We looked at homes in a variety of different neighborhoods over the years. Whether it was Queen Anne, Ballard, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Montlake, Blue Ridge, Portage Bay, Broadview, Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Wallingford, or Magnolia where we ultimately ended up buying a home, I was always confident in their knowledge and understanding of the market in each particular neighborhood. One of the things that I appreciated most about Brandon and Casey was their demeanor day in and day out. They have a relaxed and personable vibe to them, but you always know they will get the job done promptly and as effectively as possible. In my opinion this is the best of both worlds when working with a broker. There is the personal aspect that allows a level of comfort in your interactions and a warmth that you will enjoy, but they don't sacrifice the ability to take care of business in a timely manner. From my experience most brokers fall into one category or the other so finding brokers like Casey and Brandon who do both so well is truly refreshing. After 5 years of searching and our family probably being far too nit-picky along the way, we finally found our forever home in Magnolia. After seeing it three separate times over the weekend we worked quickly to put an offer in first thing Monday morning and although there were multiple competing offers our offer was the one which was ultimately accepted. As is typical with the closing process it was time consuming and there were bumps along the way, but Brandon and Casey were phenomenal at dealing with every challenge and even proactively resolving issues before they came up. Their ability to work with all parties (sellers, agents, escrow, lenders, etc) truly made all the difference at the end of the day. When you work with someone for 5 years it's fairly inevitable that you'll become close, which is why I now consider Brandon and Casey as more than just my realtors, but true friends of our family. It's this kind of relationship that matters and makes a difference in the home buying process. Needless to say, working with Brandon and Casey was an amazing experience and our family is greatly appreciative for everything they have done for us. I highly recommend you consider working with them. Not only will you appreciate the outcome, but you will have the opportunity to meet some really cool, down to earth people in the meantime. Hopefully like our family you will develop the type of relationship in which you’ll open the doors to your new home and share a drink or meal with these guys for years to come."
-Blake H