Bruce Barz

Bruce Barz

Agent | DRE #02135769
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About Bruce
Loyalty, efficiency and top-notch customer service are the foundation on which Bruce Barz’s real estate business is driven around. His attention to detail, warm personality and problem-solving abilities are the tools to his success in this competitive market.

After a very successful career in the Fitness Industry, Bruce has transitioned into the world of Real Estate. What he learned from both industries are take pride in what you do, be the best at it and build genuine relationships on people who you come across with in life. His interpersonal skills and enthusiasm attract an array of diverse clientele from different walks of life.

Aligning with The Brandolino Group, assisting clients in their Real Estate needs whether it is investing, buying or selling, they confidently go in every transaction ready to strongly negotiate, methodically approach each situation for the foremost results and most importantly, highly profitable. In addition, although technically we are in Real Estate, what we really do is help empower and enrich peoples lives through this amazing field of work.

Specializing in the West Valley area and a Woodland Hills resident himself, Bruce offers a broad wealth of knowledge of the local areas, what the lifestyle is like and prime locations for any type of activity one individual desires.