Chris Choi

Chris Choi



Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Property Management
Relocation to any other States.

National Association of Realtors PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor) Certification

Serve Metro & Greater Boston
(Weston, Wellesley, Wayland, Westwood, Dover, Lexington, Newton, Brookline, Belmont, Acton, Andover, Needham, Hopkinton, Burlington, Winchester, Arlington, Cambridge, Boston)

Team Languages: English, Korean, Chinese

Client Testimonials

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"“Buying a house was a series of worries as much as the decision to get married. I put the two cards on the table and thought about all the possibilities. Will this choice hold its value over time?
Is this the right moment to make a choice?
Is this choice right for my financial circumstances?
In this situation of choice, I was fortunately able to be with agent Choi, and as an expert, she helped me a lot in my decision with appropriate advice.
I would like to express my gratitude to Agent Choi, who was with me at various moments of choice last summer, and if there are other family members who may be struggling with the same concerns, I recommend listening to her opinion and trusting her it will be of great help."
- Mrs. Park

"주택을 구입하는 것은 결혼을 결정해야하는 순간만큼 고민의 연속이었습니다. 두개의 카드를 탁자에 올리곤 모든 가능성을 상상하며 고민했었습니다. ​
이 선택이 시간이 지난 이후에도 가치가 유지될것인가? 지금은 선택을 하기에 적절한 순간인가? 이 선택은 나의 경제적 상황에 옳은 것인가?
이런 선택의 상황에 나는 다행스럽게도 최은경 선생님과 함께 할 수 있었고, 선생님과 같이 고민하며 전문가로서 적절한 조언으로 결정에 큰 도움을 주었습니다.
​지난 여름 다양한 선택의 순간에 함께했던 최은경 선생님에게 감사의 마음을 보내며 같은 고민을 하고 있을 다른 가족이 있다면 선생님의 의견에 귀 기우려 보기를 권하며 큰 도움이 되리라 믿습니다.​​"
- Mrs. 박

"Agent Choi helped us a lot from the beginning when we didn't know anything about buying the first house we liked. She explained the progress in detail one by one, and above all, she introduced the second loan company with quicker situational judgment and drive than anyone else when I was heartbroken because there was a problem with the first loan company and I couldn't proceed any further. And she gave many words of faith and strength. Even after the purchase is complete, she was telling us the things we need to know and the information we need to repair the house. Even thinking about it now, I am leaving a review in hopes that many people will be helped by Ms. Choi's ability.
If it wasn't for Choi, it would have been difficult to buy the first house you like. You are very grateful to our family.
Thank you "
- Mrs. Kim

"최선생님은 마음에 드는 첫 집을 구매하면서 아무것도 모르는 저희에게 처음부터 많은 도움을 주셨습니다. 하나하나 자세히 진행상황을 설명해 주셨고 무엇보다 첫번째 론 회사에서 문제가 생겨 더이상 진행을 못하게 되어 상심에 빠져있을때 누구보다 빠른 상황 판단력과 추진력으로 두번째 론회사를 소개시켜 주셨습니다. 그리고 믿음과 힘이되는 말씀을 많이 해주셨습니다. 구매가 끝난 후에도 저희가 알아야 할 것들, 집 수리시 필요한 정보들을 알려주고 계십니다. 지금 생각해 봐도 감탄하게 되는 최선생님의 능력에 많은 분들이 도움을 받았으면 해서 리뷰를 남깁니다. 최선생님이 아니셨다면 아마 마음에 쏙 드는 첫집구매는 힘들었을 겁니다. 우리 가족에게는 너무나 고마운 분이십니다. 감사합니다~크리스 최 선생님~~" - Mrs. 김

"Chris was truly amazing. She helped us find and get the right house that suits best for my family. She is also very passionate and professional about her work. Always gave me a prompt response providing lots of knowledge and advice. I highly recommend Chris and will go back to her for my next home purchase." - Kim, M.

"Hello, I am buying my own home for the first time. It is because agent Choi. Perhaps two years ago, when we said we were going to buy a house for the first time, she explained to us in detail what to prepare from the beginning and accompanied us through the preparation process. Then, during the preparation process, a difficult problem arose, and when we were about to give up, she did not let go of our hands and worked hard until the end, so a new opportunity was stretched.
If it weren't for agent Choi, we probably wouldn't have such a nice house. Thank you so much and thank you. If anyone asks, I'm sure she is the best of the best. Also, if there is anyone who wants to buy a house, we recommend agent Choi without hesitation. And I want to be with her until the end, whether at home or at a new business…
Finally, thank you again and thank you."
- Kim, G.

"안녕하세요 저는이번에 처음으로 제 집을 장만하게되었습니다. 그것은바로 우리 최은경씨때문입니다. 아마도 2년전에 처음으로 집을 장만하겠다고했을때 저희에게 처음부터 무엇을준비하는지 상세하게 설명해주시고 준비과정을함께해주었습니다. 그러다가 준비과정중에 어려운문제가 발생해서 저희는 포기하려고했을때 저희손을 놓지않고 끝까지 노력해서주어서 새로운기회를 기지개되었습니다. 정말 이분이 아니었다면 아마도 저희는 이렇게 좋은집을 가질수없을것입니다. 정말감사하고 고맙습니다. 만약에 누가물어본다면 다연코 저는 이분이 최고중에최고 장담합니다. 또한 제주변에 집을구매할 사람있다면 망설이지않고 우리 최은경씨를 추천추천 합니다. 그리고 저는 끝까지 이분과 함께하고싶습니다 집이든 새로운사업장이든 ... 마지막으로 다시한번 고맙고 감사합니다. 참고로 이쁘시고 착해요 " -

"It was my dream to buy my first house, but it was too picky and there were too many things I didn't know. However, everything went smoothly because she knew the customer's heart and cared about it as if it were her own home from beginning to end. It was so touching that you came to me at the moving day." - Kim, B.

"꿈이였던 첫 집 장만이였는데 너무 까다롭고, 모르는게 너무 많았어요. 하지만 고객의 마음을 알고 처음부터 끝까지 자기일처럼 신경써주셔서 모든게 순조로웠어요. 이삿날까지 찾아와주셔서 너무 감동이였어요." - CLIENT

"My wife and I bought our first dream home with the tremendous help of Chris Choi. We were in the market for two full months doggedly searching and visiting countless open houses and private showings with her and her team during the peak sellers' market in 2021. She is a top-notch buyer's agent. Period. Here are some more adjectives about Chris: quick, articulate, available, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, resourceful, encouraging, friendly, tenacious, and detail-oriented. I tend to be demanding and picky, and without Chris's help and guidance, we wouldn't have been able to buy such a dream house, especially during the unprecedented sellers' market. Chris will be our agent again for sure when we buy our next house!" - Inchan Kim

"I was not even ready to buy a house at the recommendation of my family. I got an opportunity to buy a house after being introduced to agent Choi.
When I started without knowing anything, she told me what to do when buying a house with detailed explanations from 1 to 10, and he kept in touch and helped me a lot.
When I thought I couldn't do it, she told me not to give up and helped me a lot.
She was with us during the final closing and really enjoyed it as if it were her own.
Choi helped us finding a home as well as business.
I want to be with this precious relationship until the end. thank you"
- Mrs. Lim

"저는 가족의 권유로 집을 살준비도 못한체 최은경님을 소개를 받고 집을 장만할 기회를 얻었습니다. 아무도것 모르고 시작한 저한테 1부터 10까지 자세한 설명으로 집을 살때 어떻게 해야하는지를 알려주시고, 계속 연락해주시면서 많은도움을 주셨습니다. 안되면 하는수 없다고 생각한 저한테 포기하면 안된다고 말씀해주시고 많은것 도와주셨습니다. 마지막 클로징 할때도 같이 해주시고 정말 당신일처럼 기뻐해 주셨습니다.
또한 저와 가족들은 이분하고 집과 사업장까지많은 도움를 받았습니다. 이렇게 알게된 소중한 인연 끝까지 이분하고 함께하고 싶습니다. 감사합니다"
- Mrs. 임

"I bought a house for the first time, and it was perfect from combining drive, concentration and the price negotiation. I've worked with three or four other realtors before but Choi was the best. Thank you so much!" - Brookline. Mrs. Choi

"이번에 처음 집을 사봤는데요, 추진력과 집중력+ 센스까지 겸비하셔서 가격부터 네고까지 완벽했습니다. 이전에 서너 다른 리얼터랑 일해봤는데 최은경 선생님이 최고였어요 정말 감사드립니다!" - 브룩랑인. Mrs. 최

"I sold my house in Lexington through agent Chris Choi, and the process was so easy and simple. It took about two weeks from making the decision to sell the house to closing. Showing a house can be stressful, but agent Chris made the process stress-free. I was so impressed when she contacted the agent of the new owner to personally pick up and deliver my mail that had been sent to my old address. I can confidently say that Chris is extremely professional, thorough, and trustworthy, and I know who to go to for any future housing needs." - Mrs. Kim

"Agent Eunkyung Choi was of great help in finding a good house for our couple, who suddenly came to Boston from LA for work. First of all, she meticulously explained to us, who had no prior knowledge, what kind of house is a good house and how real estate transactions are conducted. In particular, because of the different regulations in California and Massachusetts, she gave us accurate guidance when we were confused about the process. At the Open House we were together for the first time, she accurately grasped our taste and coordinated all the schedules for our next visit, so she immediately found a house that suited our taste. Even when I put in my first offer, I was able to find a good house at a good price because she mobilized information and recommended a good offer amount. Closing required a lot of coordination with the seller, but I was very grateful that Choi handled it wisely and were able to complete everything from showing to closing without any problems during the urgent schedule of two months. Moreover, it was a difficult situation because the seller lost the mailbox key even after closing, but she actively tried to solve this problem by taking the lead. If I have a real estate transaction next time, I would definitely like to work with Ms. Choi." - Joseph Oh

"최은경선생님은 직장 관계로 LA에서 갑자기 보스턴에 오게된 저희 부부에게 좋은 집을 찾는데 큰 도움을 주셨습니다. 우선 사전 지식이 전형 없었던 저희에게 어떤 집이 좋은 집인지부터 부동산 거래는 어떻게 진행되는지 꼼꼼하게 설명해주셨습니다. 특히 캘리포니아와 메사추세츠의 관련 규정이 달라 진행에 혼란이 있던 저희에게 정확한 안내를 해주셨습니다. 처음 함께한 Open House에서 저희의 취향을 정확이 파악하셔서 다음 visit 일정을 모두 조율해주서서 저희의 취향에 맞는 집을 바로 찾아주셨습니다. 첫 offer를 넣을때도 정보력을 동원하여 좋은 offer 금액을 추천해 주셔서 좋은 가격에 좋은 집을 구할 수 있었습니다. Closing을 할 때에는 Seller 측과 많은 조율이 필요했었는데 이를 현명하게 잘 처리해주셔서 두달이라는 급박한 일정동안 showing 부터 closing까지 문제없이 완료할수 있어 정말 감사했습니다. 더구나 closing이후에도 seller 쪽에서 mailbox 열쇠를 잃어버려 곤란한 상황이었는데 이 문제를 앞장서서 해결해 주시려고 적극 노력해주셨습니다. 다음에도 부동산거래를 하게 된다면 꼭 최선생님과 함께 하고 싶습니다." - 조셉 오

About Chris
Chris is an excellent communicator able to help their clients understand all aspects of the deal, no matter how complex.

At the core of Chris's approach is the importance of building lifelong friendships with her clients. While advising her clients through the complexities of transactions. It is all about using her abundant knowledge and skills to save her client's time, providing them with above and beyond services. Chris is diligent, efficient and keen attention to detail with a genuine approach to real estate. 

Chris believes that real estate is not defined as a sale. Chris actively strives to build lasting relationships with buyers and sellers to provide full and continuous access. Building trust and helping customers understand what the current market has to offer and sets a high level of comfort and ultimately leads to lasting bonds.

"I'll never call myself a salesperson. I like to get to know my clients on a more personal level and treat them as trusted friends. I enjoy working as a real estate agent so I'm not coercive or overbearing. I would like to share how smooth the experience will be with my clients."

Chris ensures smooth transactions by providing reliable information and analysis to clients who want to invest in Boston real estate.

Chris spent the first part of her career as an international flight attendant and moved to Boston started her second part of career as a businesswoman and real estate agent for the past 20 years.

Chris is the mother of two children born and raised in the suburbs of Boston. With her preschool through high school experience at Newton, Wellesley and Weston, she can help you make the right choice.

Chris lived in Wellesley before moving to Weston in 2010 and loves to play golf and camping with boys.

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