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Deniece Smith

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Is there anything more important to you than selling for the Highest Possible Price? My commitment to you is to be better than any other agent. You’re here for a reason. Let’s get you exactly what you want.

There is a proven method to selling your home. There’s a proven method to getting your offer accepted. Having a background in real estate appraisal allows me to share a unique angle on valuation that creates price records for Sellers and an unsurpassed success rate with Buyers.

In our desirable Silicon Valley, you need the best. I’m here. You’re ready. Let’s just do it. It’ll be fun.


""I have sold two houses with Deniece. When you work with Deniece you get so much more than just a real estate agent. She brings a complete team of honest, reliable, affordable contractors, inspectors and home services personnel to handle what ever your needs may be! I could write a book on how wonderfully helpful she was to my wife and I in orchestrating our home sales and relocation. She works hard to earn every penny of her commission Thank You Deniece." " - Kevin W.

"We highly recommend Deniece Watkins Smith if you are looking for a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about this crazy Bay Area market, who will work exceptionally hard for you, keep you updated on every transaction, is exceedingly ethical through the months of face to face meetings, emails, texts, docusigns and any other form of communication known to the Bay Area. When Deniece first met with us and discussed real estate transactions, she said there were two parts to these transactions: a money part and an emotional part. At first we thought this was a bit strange: emotions in selling real estate? However, in the end she was totally correct. Selling a family home is not an easy endeavor not so much because of finances but because of the roller coaster of family dynamics and heightened emotions. Deniece helped us to navigate the conflicting ambitions, memories, clashes and attachments to ancient family treasures and memories, that continually emerged as we dealt with various family members. We came back to Palo Alto after 30 years on the East coast with the intention to sell the family home and then to return as quickly as possible. We never thought we would be able to return to California for anything other than a vacation. However, Deniece helped us to realize that not only could we sell our family home, but that with the proceeds, we could buy a home in Santa Cruz and return to living in California. Because of Deniece's excellent guidance, knowledge and intuition, we are able to fulfill a dream we thought would never be possible. Denieces's understanding of the local Bay Area market and the connections she has with other Top Agents in her network helped us to efficiently clean, fix and sell a "tear down" home at top dollar and then to buy its "dream" replacement. "

"I first met Deniece 4 years ago when I bought my first home. Her knowledge of the crazy Bay Area market was invaluable and she really worked hard to get me my condo at a great price, even though it was a seller's market. Fast forward to 4 months ago when I sold my place, Deniece again proved that she's a great asset in the Bay Area market. She helped me sell my place, for above asking, with great rent back terms. Deniece is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and aggressive (in a good way) to be able to handle this housing market. She tells it like it is but you know she is giving you the best advice. Now, she's more than just my real estate agent; she's also my friend. I highly recommend her and will use her again when I'm in the market to buy or sell in the future. "

"We just sold the home we bought in the last review and I honestly wish I could give Deniece 6 stars now!! Let me add to my previous review that Deniece continually demonstrates her expertise and familiarity with all things real estate and her clients are the beneficiaries. In this case Deniece noticed that the square footage registered for our property just didn't seem right. We checked and sure enough while our property was historically just under 7,000 sq. ft. a quick call to the city, some rechecked math and we were suddenly selling a 10,070 sq. ft. property! Amazing! Deniece's experience, familiarity with lot sizes and keen eye produced 3,000 sq. ft. on our property out of thin air and put real money in our pocket (we went from an average sized neighborhood lot to huge lot overnight). Lots of agents can master the mechanics of the sale but it's the intangible skills that give you the advantage in these important transactions. Deniece has got 'em. How do you know when when someone does an amazing job? They get repeat business! Thanks Deniece!"

"Our recent real estate transaction with Deniece Watkins Smith, of Coldwell Bankers exceeded our expectations. Her negotiation skills are just outstanding. She initially helped us buy a house for under asking price, and then helped us sell our house, for way above asking price. That, in itself, is just Amazing! She knew exactly what was needed in order to get our house prepared in order to get the most for our house. She arranged and monitored interior painting, and full staging, along with a thousand other small details, that really added up in the end. She kept us on track, and made sure everything went smoothly. Deniece has a happy and upbeat personality, which makes working with her a pleasure. " - Kathy K.