Elena Licari

Elena Licari




Luxury Property Specialist
Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Staging
Languages: English, Russian

Client Testimonials

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"Working with Elena makes it abundantly clear why having a great Realtor® on your team matters. We decided to contact Elena and got her number referred to us by my cousin who had worked with her in the past. Right off the bat, we noticed a difference as soon as we started talking to her. Instead of randomly looking at houses, she called us for a vision session where she really got to know us and asked questions to understand (and to some extent even help us understand for ourselves) the general description of the place we were looking for. That is when the fun part started. Elena works very professionally and lightning-fast (which is super necessary for the Bay Area market). She is also well equipped with the latest technology to make the search easier. Using our session we were able to filter outhouses in a portal and visit houses that we star. Not only were we like most of the houses we visited but Elena had detailed knowledge of the South Bay Area and provided us much useful information to narrow our search - questions about safety, what you can do for fun, schools, public parks, etc. I used to think the house walk-ins are the major task but that is not true. Elena and her team have gone above and beyond for us every step of the way - showing us houses we liked, helping us get a bid in time, helping us negotiate our bed to get the best deal, helping us out with the inspections, helping us by providing contacts for contact work needed to be done in the house, helping us by providing landscaper contacts. They were literally present with us every step of the process. In addition to the actual work done in helping us get a house, Elena also helped us narrow down our thoughts into actual requirements for the house, gave us confidence about navigating this market and making such a big purchase (we were naturally nervous as first-time buyers), and she made us feel very safe about all the bid we put in. Elena knows a lot of people in the industry and was able to give all the necessary information for all questions we asked and more (In some cases, she and her team helped us in places we overlooked). This helped us not only put a bid we were totally comfortable with but also win. We loved working with Elena and there is no doubt why she is one of the best. As first-time buyers, we could not have asked for a smoother process. She is very professional, diligent, and most of all empathetic. We are glad not only to have worked with her but also to have her as a friend. Thank you for helping us get out of the first house. We are super excited to move in!"

"We had an excellent experience with Elena as our buyer agent. As first-time home buyers, we were lost in the myriad of options and felt intimidated by the whole process. Elena was exceptional from the get-go. She spent close to 3 hours with both myself and my wife to make us think about our dream home. She patiently made us introspect about the homes we grew up in and helped us hone in on our criteria for a dream home. This was truly refreshing as she really understood us as a family unit. Elena shared tons of properties with us including properties that were still not on the market. During our search, Elena patiently explained to us the pros and cons of the house (fixtures, interiors, doors, roof), neighborhood, schools, restaurants, commute, etc. She even went for walks and drives with us in the neighborhood to make sure we were 100% confident before we made an offer. To top it all Elena helps her clients with electricians, handymen, contractors, and movers as well. On closing day, Elena was very punctual and constantly in touch and negotiated hard with the seller agent. We closed our home at 10:00 PM and she was with us throughout the journey. All of our friends have had a similarly exceptional experience with Elena. If we ever have to buy another home Elena would be our only choice as she truly is the best of the best."

"Selling a home that one has expanded and filled for 20+ years and finding a new dream home is, by all means, a daunting task if not impossible. After a couple of disappointing encounters with Realtors®, when I contacted Elena, who came highly recommended, I only gave a 20% chance of completing this huge effort successfully. We met one spring morning at my place and had a meeting that lasted about 2 hours. Our discussion was pleasant, enjoyable, and yet very substantive and content-driven. It was a joy to find someone who could be smart, articulate hard-working, and results-oriented and is pleasant and fun to be with at the same time. To cut the story short, we found my new dream home within the first month of our search and concluded the entire process of buying the new home and selling the old one, in a short span of three months. It wouldn’t be possible without Elena’s business acumen and professional excellence. She puts her 100% into the effort, is always positive but realistic, and is an excellent communicator. It was a boon to have found her to accomplish this mammoth real estate task and as a reward, acquire a friend for a lifetime who is awesome both inside and out, professionally and personally."- Chandra M.

"We recently closed the sale of our primary home with the help of Elena and I am very happy to share my experience working with her. More than just an agent she was our guide and adviser who has deep knowledge of her domain. After our initial meeting with Elena, we were confident that she would navigate us to the right choices that you have to make during the selling process. She was patient and she listened to all our queries. She strategized with us to minimize the costs and maximize the net proceeds from the sale. Her passion and knowledge in the real estate business were evident throughout the sale process. She is always available and listens to any concerns that you may have. She is techno-savvy and uses the latest data and tools to price the property and to reach out to the maximum number of prospects to get the best price for your home. With her passion for real estate, Elena gives the best to her clients and protects their interests. It has been a pleasure working with Elena and she is the best that you can find in the Bay Area."

"Elena helped us buy our dream home. When we started to look for a house we were very new to the real estate market, its rules, and terminology. Elena did several video meetings with us and explained in detail all stages of buying procedure. When we were ready she helped us with the search for a house that would match our "dream house" expectations. Elena helped us to prepare an offer letter for the property we selected, explaining all details and how to estimate the market value of the house. And we get a signed offer the next day! Her team is incredible, they supported us on all stages of escrow, answering any questions we had Elena did the final inspection with us, this was a very relaxed but informative walkthrough, she suggested contractors for our planned improvements and gave links for utilities. We are happy with our new house and thanks to Elena that was a very smooth process. We will definitely suggest her to our friends who will look for a new home." - Andrii Z.

"What a simple and pleasant task to write this review on our wonderful agent. Elena Licari. I found Elena based on her record and did not regret it for a single moment. It was immediately clear that helping people to buy and sell houses was her true passion, and she was doing it with joy and a high level of professional excellence. In our case, it was selling a condo a-c that required a lot of work. Renovation, staging, and beautiful photography were done in record time. Perfect transparency and communications were on each step; Elena was very easy to reach, was very clearly answered multiple questions, and extremely efficient. Our case was somewhat complicated as it was an exchange sale requiring a lot of effort on Elena’s side. Despite the fact that she obviously had a lot on her plate, I always felt as I was her only client. Strongly recommend Elena to home hunters."

"We just sold our house in Campbell (July 2021) and had a fantastic experience working with Elena. She was professional, always on time, a great negotiator, and answered all our questions well. She has a great sense of aesthetics and knows exactly what the current generation of buyers in the market are looking for. She was very quick to schedule inspections and get everything in place so that we could list on time and have the best impact. She chose photography, staging, cleaning, marketing were each individually exceptional and our house looked so nice that we wished we could move back in. In the end, our house sold in 5 days for $150K over the asking price and we closed in 12 days! The price we got was the highest any townhome in our community has ever gotten. We very strongly recommend her for all your real estate needs. Thank you Elena for working with us!",b>-Seth S.

"We are fortunate enough to have found our dream home with Elena's help and experience. Elena helped us navigate through different areas and neighborhoods in the bay area before we narrowed down on where we wanted to be in the next phase of our life. She understood our priorities quickly and helped us stay focused on our search managing our time efficiently. Elena is knowledgeable in visualizing the true potential of the home to fit your needs, she is resourceful and has great experience in construction and building homes. Elena was patient through our search ensuring we got what we were looking for, at the same time she is proactive, responsive, and follows through efficiently. It was a fun experience working with Elena and we would highly recommend Elena to help you find your dream home cause we definitely did with her help!",b>-Rayner B.

"Elena was recommended to me by another real estate professional. Elena used her excellent knowledge and analysis of the local market to create the selling strategy, suggested several pricing options, and provided all the relevant data to help me make decisions quickly and stress-free. No detail escaped Elena’s attention: house staging, dealing with contingencies, communicating with HOA and title company, getting the right people involved when needed, etc. My house was sold on the first day of listing! Elena is an outstanding communicator and is very responsive. She kept me updated throughout the entire process and answered my questions promptly. I should also mention Elena’s great team and the convenience of the concierge service that her agency offered. I will definitely work with Elena again and I highly recommend her.",b>-Victoria G.

"We were quickly outgrowing our townhome with 3 kids and had started looking for a single-family home, but we were not sure as to how to approach the entire thing. We did not engage any Realtor® and started looking on our own (some of our previous experiences with other Realtors® were not so good, so that might have influenced us) and we accidentally met Elena as a seller agent in one of the open house visits. She was quickly able to connect with us and we really liked her style of not pushing through the ‘seller agent’ agenda and being patient with our feedback. We came home and decided to ask Elena to be our agent since she was basically everything we were looking for in an agent – polite, knowledgeable, not pushy, and knew what she was talking about. We requested Elena to be our agent and haven’t regretted it ever since. She did a thorough interview of both me and my wife to understand our likes/needs and took the entire responsibility of the home search over. She was extremely patient and took each one of our feedback over one year to find us the right home – at no point was she pushy, tired, or asked us to set realistic expectations. Finally, when we found the home we liked, she was quick to put everything together and make sure our offer was accepted. Even after the offer acceptance, she was there at every step of the way during the appraisal process, the loan application process, our remodeling discussions with contractors, and whatnot. I think we had to visit our new home 8-10 times over the one month of the closing process (for taking measurements, engaging contractors, etc.) and Elena was always ready to come and let us in without any complaints. My wife and I have been recommending Elena to everyone looking to buy and home and couldn’t be happier with our decision to get her as our agent. We have dealt with multiple Realtors® for our 1st, 2nd, and rental homes and have never come across someone as professional and courteous as Elena. My wife says that the best thing we did during our year-long home search was to get Elena as our Realtor® – and I don’t disagree with her at all. Thanks, Elena!" - Tony A.

About Elena
Elena Licari brings a unique perspective to real estate with 14+ years of experience as a San Jose firefighter and a passion for the business that sparked when she met her husband, a Bay Area builder. Her creative strategies, vigorous negotiation skills, and 360-degree understanding of the market put her in the very top 1% of 1.4 million Realtor® by sales volume Nationwide in 2020 and 2021 per The Wall Street Journal Real Trends.

As a firefighter, Elena fell in love with helping people and learned to guide others through high-stress situations. The stakes are different in real estate but the lessons still apply as she coaches people through life-changing buying and selling decisions. Elena taps into the analytical and emotional sides of real estate to put each client in a position to win.

Buying a home starts with a vision meeting. Elena takes more time at the beginning of the process which ultimately gets you to your future faster—uncover the dream and work backward to make it happen. Using time-tested techniques, she’ll align with your vision and show you homes on streets in neighborhoods that live up to that dream. She’s an expert at finding off-market opportunities and believes the house hunting process can and should be a fun adventure.

Elena’s husband has been in the construction business for over 25 years, and together they’ve designed several of their own custom homes. Through this hands-on process, she has established relationships with architects, subcontractors, and builders, and become familiar with city processes. Most people walk into a home and want to talk about the possibilities. Elena can ballpark what’s possible on the spot and then get you concrete answers from the right people—an advantage for timely offers.

Selling a home with her means tapping into the latest technology, custom market reports, and a team of marketing specialists to get the highest price possible. Premium collateral includes custom websites and community videos to target the right buyers. She’ll get more people into the home which means competitive offers for the seller.

Elena grew up in San Mateo County and was a long time resident of Los Gatos before relocating to Lake Austin. She’s passionate about health, fitness and is a lifelong learner whether it’s a seminar on emotional intelligence, a negotiation workshop, or her membership to the Lorna Hines Academy. She speaks Russian, rides dirt bikes, hikes, skis, wakesurfs, long time student of martial arts, and has a general love for the outdoors.