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Greg Rosenwald

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Greg is a wonderful person first and foremost. A professional and expert in finding the right home in terms of location, budget and other considerations that were important us We felt lucky have him our team as the expert member with very high empathy. His acumen, perseverance and patience through a process that's usually filled with anxiety, helped us get the right home. We feel we met an agent and came away with a friend. We recommend him and his team as an asset any home buyer -Sachin and Gouri Vidwans

We could not be happier with our decision use Greg with our recent purchase. With the market the way it is right now, the difference between getting your dream and not is the agent you use! He was knowledgeable, and always gave us great advice how go about our offers together to best maximize our chance of success. His outgoing, easy going personality made it a pleasure to see him talk him anytime we were together. I would recommend Greg to anyone who asked - Matt and Maya Stratiner

Greg helped us purchase our new home, and he was a pleasure to work with. It took us over a year to find the right us, he was very patient throughout the process. We had specific criteria we were looking , Greg kept these mind when finding properties us look . He listened what we wanted kept that mind. Greg grew this knows the market well. He's very responsive, handled the contracting negotiations well. We'll use Greg again our real estate needs . - Gene and Sandra Wainwright



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“Take care of your business and your business will take care of you” is a quote I feel can be applied to our communities. Actively supporting and participating in local charities and community events is not only my responsibility but my privilege.
About Greg

If Greg Rosenwald weren't a Mercer Island real estate agent, some say he could be the mayor. Born and raised the island, and educated just across the lake at the University of Washington, he can't go anywhere without running into (and sometimes bear hugging) someone he knows. Greg is just that type of guy: once you've met him, you consider him a friend. He has a way of clients at ease any situation, and he has the confidence and composure that comes with decades of experience founding and leading successful businesses. Greg brings pragmatism the real estate process, as well, helping clients evaluate properties and offers with an ever- head. While he believes there is no "perfect ," there is the right the right person at the right time, and Greg is committed helping you find it, and get it. He's trusted among his fellow real estate professionals his honest and respectful approach negotiations. Greg is an attentive listener, a tireless advocate, and despite his many awards and successes, a humble family guy. He lives with his wife and three daughters on Mercer Island, where they're close everything they love-great schools, boats and beaches, and every home Husky and Seahawks .