Jana Conley

Jana Conley

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Loyola Marymount University - BA, Communication Studies

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"As a single woman in my early 30s, considering real estate as my primary residence and as an investment in the Los Angeles area was, to me, “out of the question”. What was holding me back? – “What am I doing?” How in the world, would it even be possible?” – “I probably can’t afford a down payment” – “Even if I had the money for a down payment, my mortgage will probably be more than I can afford on a monthly basis” – “HOA fees are ridiculous” – “My credit score is just ‘average’.” – “I can’t possibly maintain this on my own.” – “Will I have to sacrifice my lifestyle?” – “Renting is just easier.” – “Even if I did have the money, which real estate agent would I use? – I know so many!” My mom was kind enough to “gift” me the down payment. – You can check that excuse off my list. Even with this kind gesture, I was still very hesititant. What about lifestyle? Monthly Payments? “Ok, I’ll just look around and start asking some questions.” It’s at this point you need to start finding the right agent to work for you. One who has good contacts to help you with your financing and one that you just “click” with that you can trust. One who TRULY understands YOU and your situation, and has your best interests. I’ve known Jana Conley for almost 5 years now and I know a lot of real estate agents in Los Angeles. In fact, I had to make a hard decision of NOT working with my family’s agent after having known him for over 25 years. Why did I choose Jana? She’s organized, she listens, I felt comfortable telling her my situation, she herself has lived in Los Angeles her whole life, and she’s not afraid to give you constructive criticism and make things “realistic”. With her help and her great financing contact, I was presented with many various options that I never thought were even possible. Different down payment options, financing options, etc. I ended up with a turnkey single family residence in a great neighborhood. – SO much better than I had expected or even dreamed of at this point. What was even better, is that my mortgage is the same amount I was paying in rent! This was by far the best decision I made and I’m glad I considered my options." - Kace

"At the start of the new year, I began thinking about selling my condo and taking advantage of the great deals on homes and interest rates. I figured it would only remain an idea until I started working with Jana. She helped me price my condo perfectly, advertised in all the right places, and negotiated like the pro she is. She sold my condo in a week, and I got my asking price!! Now I’m in escrow on a . To make a long story short, Jana has been a superwoman in making this deal happen. My future home is a foreclosure, with all kinds of surprises being thrown our way. However, Jana has been on top of them all, every step of the way. She has proven that she can handle anything. I can’t say enough about Jana’s work ethic, integrity, and grit! Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Jana." - Rebecca

"When I needed to know what to expect in purchasing my first home I came to Jana. She’s easy to talk to, gives direct answers and is familiar with the challenges of buying a home as a single person because she’s done it herself! Jana acts as a true partner and fights hard to make her clients’ wish list a reality." - Lindsey

About Jana
At an early age, Jana began her love of homes. Her father, a successful Broker in Los Angeles, taught her that nothing is more important than listening to your clients’ needs. Watching how they react when they walk into a property tells you so much more than their words... it tells you if this can be their home!

After a decade of work in the mortgage business, Jana brings an uncanny ability to understand not only the art of the deal, but the important financial factors behind them. In 10 years of Real Estate, she is proud to say she has NEVER lost a deal to a Buyer not obtaining a loan. This experience is extremely important when it comes to Selling, specifically in this competitive market. Offers need to be evaluated not just on the intrinsic value of the offer, but on the merit of the Buyer behind it. Finding the right Buyer is the key factor to a successful negotiation.

As a Los Angeles native, Jana is passionate about the local real estate market. She loves buying and renovating homes herself. Rehabbing a neglected property and bringing it back to its former glory is not only a passion but a way of life for Jana. She can instantly enter a room and see what needs to be done to bring out its potential. Her clients reap the rewards, whether a Seller needing help to present their home in the best light, or a Buyer unsure of what to do to make the home their own.

Whether you're thinking about moving on from your current home, or looking to find something new, Jana will guide you through your transaction with ease, and most importantly, the knowledge that your deal was fair, honest and successful!