Jayson Halladay

Jayson Halladay

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Brownstones Houses in Brooklyn

Preparing Properties for Sale /Renovating and Staging


BA Architecture from Carleton University

Client Testimonials

References for Jayson as developer:

"We highly recommend Jayson and wouldn't hesitate to work with him in the future. We love our home!
Jayson and Leah were a pleasure to work with from the initial showing of our property to the closing of the purchase…. What was outstanding and what stood apart from the numerous properties we saw over a two year period was the craft and design of the home. Jayson took care to do the renovation in a high quality and thought out way. From the fixtures to the mechanics, all were of high quality, great design and energy efficient.
We have found that even after the sale Jayson has been, and still is, available for any kind of consultation regarding the construction and maintenance of the home. As with any new construction there are inevitably issues that arise post project and Jayson has taken care of all our concerns efficiently and effectively. We have had our home for 19 months and we still can count on Jayson to answer and/or resolve any concerns we may have.”

About Jayson
Jayson’s passion for the past 20+ years has been Brooklyn real estate. His wide-ranging experience and friendly, thoughtful demeanor inspire confidence. Since 1998, he, along with his wife Leah Solomon, (see our Team bio here ) have been highly successful Real Estate Developers, buying, renovating and selling over 40 townhouses, condos and coops in the areas of Brooklyn that surround Prospect Park. In addition to investing his own money, Jayson acted as a trusted steward of millions of dollars of investor money. Phenomenally successful, he yielded high returns for investors. On the flip-side of the transaction, purchasers of those properties were deeply impressed by his integrity, forthrightness, and attention to detail. In Jayson’s years as a developer, he hired many agents, and learned first-hand their best practices. Now that he has become a Real Estate Agent himself, he is excited to share his wide-reaching experience and knowledge with his clients.

Jayson has a five-year professional degree in Architecture. His strength is transforming existing spaces into wonderful places to live. His special expertise is in understanding what changes, from small to large, will transform your home into something highly desirable. He knows which changes are worth the cost and effort, and which are not. He has the experience and the team of contractors and craftspeople to get it all done, in the most efficient, cost-effective, and painless way possible.

Critical to Jayson’s success is his experience-based understanding of the market - he has bought and sold in both high and low markets, and has developed strategies for successful outcomes no matter what current market conditions are.

Jayson’s skill as a negotiator is one of his greatest assets. With both his own money and that of his investors at stake over many types of deals, he learned to be proactive, strategic, and highly sensitive to the opportunities and risks present in any transaction.

Whether pricing a home for sale, or evaluating the price of a potential purchase, Jayson has excellent insight into home prices. He has a thorough knowledge of what to look for when purchasing a home, and, importantly, what to avoid!

Jayson starts every weekday - even in snow and rain - with a bike ride through Prospect Park with his kids who go to school in Park Slope. His second homes are the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and the Prospect Park Tennis Center where his kids take lessons. He loves rock climbing, back-country hiking and skiing, and being a walker at the Park Slope Food Coop.

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