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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Residential Sales, Multi-Family Units, Single Family Homes, Relocation, Consulting, Landlord
About Jonny
After fifteen years in the entertainment business, Jonny Fritz decided to start himself a little family and turn his addictions real estate and deal-making into a comfortable livelihood. As a touring musician with a knack for creative merchandising, he rebranded himself as "L.A.'s Premier Used-House Salesman," hoping to reach potential home-buyers who are understandably intimidated by the Los Angeles real estate market.

As an OCD troller of real estate listings, a people-person at heart, and a hard-bargain-driver from the day he was born, Jonny loves demystifying the buying process and guiding his clients toward their best possible properties. Whether you’re an old pro searching an investment property or a good buddy looking a place to hang your hat, Jonny warmly welcomes you to get in touch. "

Jonny has gained a name his musical performances and albums, his custom hand-craft leather goods company, and his comedic social media output, replete with character skits, baby ventriloquism, and of course, cannonball dives into the world of Los Angeles real estate. Haven't heard of him?— just ask the kids!