About Kelly

After bursting out of their two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, Kelly and her family of five discovered Maplewood and made the painstaking decision to leave NYC in 2016.  Luckily, Maplewood delivered and now Kelly is utilizing her skills and experience to help other families create their life and community in the NJ suburbs of NYC.  

An Australian native, Kelly sold real estate for five years by helping almost 100 families and investors find the best waterfront, inner-city properties in North Queensland, a magical part of the world near The Great Barrier Reef.

After graduating with honors in Psychology, Kelly has spent her career working in sales and marketing.  A self-confessed budgeting nerd who loves a good spreadsheet and an app, Kelly loves helping clients realize their homeownership and investment goals.  She understands the value and trust clients place in her as their representative and strives every day to exceed their expectations.