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Real estate has always been a family business for Clifford. Clifford is a native of Southern California. His mother was a leader and trendsetter in Westside real estate for over 55 years. Following in her footsteps, Clifford joined the field of residential real estate with his sister Andrea Tzadik. Since then, Clifford’s wife Pamela has joined the business, followed by his daughter Alexandra.

In his 32 years in the business, Clifford has won many honors and awards for his superior client service, ethics and work in the field. At his previous company, Clifford was on the executive committee. He has been a consistent top producer in the field and currently sits on the Beverly Hills Board of Realtors Standards Committee.  Always available for his clients with a positive and friendly attitude and available to assist in answering clients questions. His position is that there are no problems just opportunities. Many of his clients call him 24/7.

Clifford graduated from the University of Southern California where he received 3 varsity letters in college football and was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Before working in real estate, Clifford was the number salesman in a corporate jewelry firm and attended the Gemological Institute of America. Along with his professional career, he remains active in his fraternity, is a member of the infamous Magic Castle in Hollywood, sits on the board of BE100 and exclusive Networking group and was previously the President of the L.A. WEST Trojan Club. Clifford has three children- Meagan, Alexandra, and Ian. He lives in Brentwood with his wife Pamela and their dog Winston.

At the age of eight, Clifford knew the real estate business was for him. After breaking a window in his family home, he tried to sell the house to avoid punishment from his parents. He immediately put up a for sale sign and shockingly found an interested buyer. Clifford showed the buyer the property and when his father came home he was greeted by the man who exclaimed he would love to buy the house.

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