Client Testimonial

"I wanted to formally thank you for helping me sell my family home. Your job is selling real estate, and yet it is so much more, as homes represent not only financial security, but lives shared, families created, lifetimes of experiences. Thank you for facilitating a huge transition for my family... Thank you for being human, kind, professional, and always accessible.--Carla L., Hollywood Hills, CA"


DoingMore Community Give Back Program

Buy or sell a home with us and we will contribute $1,000 towards the cause of your choice—whether that’s a charitable organization, food bank, school, sports or arts program, animal shelter, etc. And if you refer someone who buys or sells a home with us, we’ll contribute an additional $500 towards the cause of your choice.

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Nothing means more to us than building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and colleagues. People connect with us over something that matters dearly to them. We are ever mindful and appreciative of that.

Creating a calm, comfortable environment for our clients to openly communicate is essential for creating a good working relationship. By listening and really getting to know what people want, we’re able to offer carefully considered, situation-specific, and personally relevant guidance using our 35+ years of combined experience navigating 450+ successful transactions.

At the end of any purchase or sale, we want our clients to look back on their experience and feel confident that they made good decisions because we offered guidance based on what they truly wanted to achieve.

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