Marc Bahnsen

Marc Bahnsen

Licensed Real Estate Broker


Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting,
Property Management, Landlord


University of Minnesota-Carlson School of Management - BSB (Accounting, Finance)

Client Testimonials

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"I can't thank Marc enough for his work selling our property in Chicago. Marc provided expertise, expertise and knowledge paired with incredible service and attention to detail. Top to bottom, he was first class to work with and I truly can't imagine selling our property with anybody else. A few qualities that jumped out from our work together: Communication - The foundation of Marc's work stemmed from clear communication. It was such a pleasure to work with somebody who valued this approach. Marc was always proactive in scheduling time to chat, providing updates and following up as needed. During the whole process and whenever we spoke, Marc made our sale feel important and his communication style reflected that. Clarity - Following from above, Marc was excellent at providing clear and meaningful information to guide the entire process from start to finish. When we were starting out, Marc was able to give us an overview of the market and the landscape. Throughout the preparation before listing, Marc guided each step and helped lay out a realistic timeline. Once we listed, he was proactive in giving us clear updates about each offer, as well as the pros and cons. After each conversation, it never felt like we were missing information. Honesty - Marc was always straightforward about every single component of the sale - pros and cons. We consistently felt like we were in great hands and we always felt like we were working towards the same goal. During the inevitable ups and downs of the sale, Marc was always on the level and always willing to give us his honest take. It was so much appreciated and truly this quality ties the first two together. It would be my pleasure to recommend Marc to anybody selling or buying a home. I would reiterate what I stated above: I can't imagine selling my property with anybody else, nor would I want to. It was truly a great experience working together."

"I had the honor and satisfaction of connecting with Marc and being led through the journey of buying my first home as well as navigating the neighborhoods and city as a new resident to Chicago. This experience was truly a gift. I cannot imagine it any other way. I would not have done it. My perception about real estate and the process was definitely askew, I held many reservations for years about the whole process of buying a home; thankfully having Marc as a guide completely cleared that view because indeed the search to my dream home was uplifting, clarifying, and resonating to the values I follow. My new home has every single one of the guidelines I set out to acquire. Purchasing, finding a home is one of the most personal, intimate experiences one can have as it becomes a physical extension of oneself, as such, I believe it is of utmost importance to make an authentic connection with the client in a degree that truly feels like one is making the best decision for the highest good of all and isn't being led through just a monetary transaction. Marc is a vivid example of what I seek in a real estate agent professional he exemplifies kindness, respect, empathy, integrity, patience, clear and open communication, positivity, knowledge, problem solving, attention to details, while also having a great sense of humor to infuse the situation. He identified our areas of interest and illustrated them throughout as we toured neighborhoods, his support throughout the different stages is palpable, again connecting with with what speaks truth to me. In addition, this was reflected through the team of people he works with, all optimistic and genuine, it feels so great to have interacted with different professionals at this level. I am beyond grateful to have had Marc as an advisor and demonstrate his expertise in this field, I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking a professional in real estate matters." - Marisol

"Trustworthiness: 5 stars. I wish this was a break out, because its what I appreciate most about Marc, and I feel the most important characteristic in a realtor/broker. As a first time home (multi-unit) buyer, Marc and I met for coffee when I was first considering it, and I am so happy we did. He was answered all my general questions, did research on my specific needs, pointed out things I hadn't considered, connected me with a fantastic lender, pointed me to a lot of great online resources, and gave me tons of information/tips/resources on land-lording. After waiting a couple of months before truly searching, it took me getting out to the viewings to really get a feel for what the multi-unit landscape was like (not always how they seem online, as Marc warned). I never felt pressure to rush into anything, and he was incredibly patient and helpful in the process of zeroing in on what my must-haves were. He also gave me advice that wasn't in his best interest (such as not taking a larger mortgage just because I was qualified to), which I came to appreciate even more so after purchasing. Marc is clearly after long-term relationships and repeat business/ referrals, and not the short-term cash-in. In terms of of purchasing, Marc was incredibly responsive and communicative (SO important in offers/negotiations), provided great referrals, guidance, and negotiations. I would recommend to anyone." - John

"We are buying home for the first time and Marc was very helpful for us. We wanted to move to suburbs but do not have knowledge on the neighbourhoods. Marc explained the process and was there in each of the phases of the process. He understands our needs, puts himself into our shoes and gets us the recommendations. He was reachable all the time and answered all our questions/clarifications. He was checking with us all the time and that motivated us to do the next steps. Without that support we could not have closed house last week. Thanks Marc! It was a very nice experience working with him and would recommend Marc for home buying"

"Marc was great. He was recommended to us by a friend almost two years ago and helped my wife and I find the perfect apartment. We recently decided to buy a home and knew that Marc was the first person to call. Before we even had a chance, Marc called us to catch up and see how we were doing. Marc's call was the impetus that got the ball rolling, and we just closed on our first home last week. It was a long difficult process, but Marc was there to help and explain every step of the way. Marc is the rare professional that answers his phone when you call, and on the rare occasion when he doesn't, he calls you back the first chance he gets. We highly recommend him."

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